Creepy Little Goth Dollies by DrakenStein Art

I'm trying my best not to freak out right now, but this excitement is really too much! How I love Etsy and how I torture myself by looking around for Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise. This is quite the jackpot of greatness. Okay, take a look at these amazing goth dolls by DrakenStein Art!

Don't you think that these Franknfurter & Magenta Dollies are ADORABLE?! Magenta's bow is so cute. The baby fishnet shirt is also incredibly precious. I'm just trying to find reasons NOT to buy it! I really hope that they decide to make the whole Rocky Horror Picture Show cast!

I'm literally trying to find a way to get these wonderful Jack and Sally Dollies in my life. The cute patchwork Sally dress and little spider in Sally's hair are so perfect! Both are painted beautifully. Jack's outfit is spot on. Seriously, everything about these dollies is perfect! It's killing me. Maybe I could get one instead of both for now. Jack can come by himself and then later, I'll get Sally. I wonder if Oogie Boogie comes with Jack too? I'll have to find out!

The greatness won't stop... how can I resist this Edward Scissorhands Doll? The scars on his face are placed just right. I love the scissors that come with Edward - they're designed exactly like they look in the movie. The frazzled hair is totally awesome too.

I wish the props came with the dolls, because that would make the Frankenbaby Doll just a hair more awesome. That goes for Bride Of Frankenbaby, also. I honestly never thought Frankenbaby would be this cute, but DrakenStein Art! has proved me wrong. I absolutely love the design of the Bride. I really like how the white stripe is painted instead of putting hair on the doll.

They have even created one of my favorite families. The Morticia & Gomez Dollies are darling. I got a kick out of Morticia standing up so that it looks like she's taller than Gomez. They also have a Wednesday Dolly. I wish all three would come together! I hope that someday the whole Addams family will be available!

Finally I had to show these The Sugar Skull Babies. These are very very cute. Not only that, they are totally customizable, from color, style of dress, your favorite design type, etc! This would be a really cool gift for someone or just a really awesome treat for yourself. When I get to design my own stuff I always have a bigger connection with it. These are so elegant, I love it.

Look at the rest of these cute dollies by DrakenStein Art! There are many other horror and goth dolls I didn't get to. They are all really very unique. Which one is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments below.