Dark and Macabre Seeds for Gothic Spring Flower Gardens

It's time to think about starting our seeds indoors for this year's goth gardens!

Here are some of my favorite dark and dreary seeds I'm thinking of starting. Keep in mind that there are no true black or true blue flowers - those are usually actually a dark purple. I like to use a lot of red, crimson and scarlet flowers in my gothic garden. Sometimes I'll border them in white, to suggest innocence about to be lost!

All of these seeds are available via Etsy shops:

Amaranthus "Love Lies Bleeding" Seeds

Night and Day Snapdragon Flower Seeds

Coleus Black Dragon Flower Seeds

Black Dahlia Seeds

Aquilegia Black Barlow Seeds

Black Knight Pincushion Scabiosa Seeds

Black Prince Snapdragon Seeds

Crimson Rambler Morning Glory Seeds

Chocolate Stained Glass Salpiglossis Seeds

King of Blacks Carnation Seeds

Cherry Brandy Rudbeckia Seeds

Black Knight Delphinium Seeds

Pansy Clear Crystals Black Flower Seeds

Sedum Dragons Blood Seeds

Cornflower Double Ball Black Flower Seeds

Black Hollyhock Flower Seeds

Peony Poppy Black Flower Seeds

Lupine My Castle Flower Seeds

Black and White Velvet Lace Carnation Flower Seeds

Penny Black Nemophila Flower Seeds

Midnight Blue Lobelia Flower Seeds


While we're here, let's enjoy looking at some dreary fruit and vegetable seed offerings!

Bush Bean Royal Burgundy Seeds

Black Raspberry Bush Seeds

Purple Romagna Artichoke Seeds

Red Salad Bowl Lettuce Seeds

Chokecherry Tree Seeds

Black Spanish Radish Heirloom Seeds

Wild Basil Beefsteak Herb Seeds