Deliciously Sweet and Dark Treats for a Wicked Valentine's Day

Well aren't we all just so excited for Valentine's Day? Joking! Some of us, admittedly actually do enjoy Valentine's Day, but only with a dash of darkness! Others would prefer to just stay cooped up home with a few close friends. The rest, we prefer being alone! For all those instances chocolate is a must. There are various chocolate vendors out there, but only a few are going to satisfy our gothic needs!

Take a look at Vegan Treats Bakery.

This company is making a Fatally Yours gourmet chocolate box. First of all, for those who have food allergies, this is totally vegan. I know some of you might cringe, but seriously vegan chocolate is delicious. There are so many flavors that come with this box of ghoulishly designed Valentine's Day chocolate.

NOTE: They have a very limited number available and will ship these out on Tuesday, February 9th in order to receive these in time for Valentine’s Day.

Next BlackChocolateCo on Etsy makes realistically sized chocolate skulls!

Can you imagine having this as a center piece at your table?! This 100% Chocolate Skull comes in three different chocolates. Milk chocolate, chili chocolate, and dark chocolate (this one is vegan.) All of it is made with Belgium chocolate, yum!

And this Special Edition White Chocolate Skull is also anatomically accurate. I like this one the best just because it doesn't have the ancient look that the pure chocolate one does. This would be so great to have at a Valentine's Day party or just any occasion. This one is only made with madagascan vanilla white chocolate. This just looks so delicious and almost too awesome to eat!

Lastly, DemBones on Etsy makes sugar skulls, literally! These would be great for a nice Valentine's Day morning teatime!

This One Box of Skulls-N-Roses Sugar Cubes would add a delightfully dark essence to your tea or coffee. I love the assortment of skulls and roses that come in purple or red. I would have a hard time consuming these I think, they're so pretty.

This is Two Boxes of Skulls-N-Roses Sugar Cubes so you can get a red set and a purple set.

Or you could stick with the Original 9 Piece Sugar Skulls Box. These are just plain ol' white, but still just as awesome.

I am really loving this 70 Piece Sugar Skull Apothecary Jar. This would be great for any occassion, but would definitely make my Valentine's morning really awesome. I would love to walk into my kitchen and see this first thing in the morning. Personally, I think it's very welcoming.

Check out all these sweet decadent products. What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Comment below!