Edible Alice in Wonderland Treats for a Gothic Valentine's Day

These delightful edible Alice in Wonderland goodies are from the Wicksteads Eat Me shop in the United Kingdom. I think several things here would be perfect for your Valentine's Day tea party, if only you could get them shipped in time to arrive early enough to use them. Perhaps if you live close to the shop's home base?

Their Edible Alice items include edible teacups, Alice themed wafer papers you can use to decorate cakes or cupcakes, edible wafer paper Alice storybook figures, and edible cupcake wrappers.

Let's take a look!

Edible Alice Rice Paper Wafers

Eat Me Pastel Wafer Paper Decorations

Black and White Edible Alice Figures

Edible Vintage Paper Teapots

Edible Alice in Wonderland Quotes

Edible Alice in Wonderland Cupcake Wrappers

Visit the shop to get more ideas for your upcoming gothic or Alice themed tea party!


  1. :D Thank you for the lovely feature ^.^ love the blog :D

    If these are not quite what you are looking for, We specialise in custom orders too, We love custom orders, it gives us a chance to let our Imaginations run wild & create those perfect designs just for you.

    Tija Wickstead


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