Goth Shop of the Week: Les Relicoeurs

The depth of human imagination never ceases to amaze me. I really love it when I stumble upon something I've never seen before, especially little eerie creations. I've never seen anything like what LesRelicoeurs on Etsy has created. Sure, there are plenty of needle felt artists out there, but these are definitely one of a kind.

This beautiful Needle Felted Beetle is made with Shetland felt and other antique objects. It looks like an ancient artifact itself or even from some folklore. I love the copper strong that enhances the whole piece.

This Felted Anatomic Heart is absolutely unique. This is a gorgeous and dark interpretation of our biological hearts. Even though the glass dome is not included with it, I really enjoy the example shown with the lights. It would be a cool idea to even use lights to mimic our nervous system around the heart.

Do you like the Snow White fairy tale? This Felted White Apple reminds me of a version of the poison apple the evil queen makes. This delightful piece of art tells the whole story, it's one of my favorite objects of LesRelicoeurs.

This is an incredibly elegant Anatomy Heart Under a Glass Dome. There looks to be floral embroidery and beads that embellish the surroundings. Couldn't you imagine this as a center piece for your dining room table? I would love to do that.

This very sinister looking Needle-Felted Wool Heart with a Human Face would also be a great room centerpiece. It's bound to turn heads! It measures 3.9" high/ 10 cm and 1.9" / 5.5 cm in diameter.

For those biology lovers out there, this French Reliquary: Handmade Felted Wool Heart Under a Glass Dome would be perfect for you. The bead embellishments and colored string bring this needle felted heart to life. Les Relicoeurs portrayal of the heart anatomy is really stunning.

Take a look at more of LesRelicoeurs's oddities on Etsy. I'm sure there is something for you! What do you think of Les Relicoeurs's shop? Let me know down below in our comments section!