Goth Shop of the Week: Secret Window Mirrors

My pick for Goth Shop of the Week this week is Washington State based Secret Window Mirrors. I love the looks of these ornate mirrors, painted over with black, white, or very colorful acrylic paint. Be sure to check the measurements before buying, as many of these are much smaller than one might expect from a casual glance over.

Here are some of my favorites!

Here's a lovely 17x12 Victorian Gothic mirror. It's been painted over with black acrylic.

If you're going out clubbing in the evenings, how delightful would it be to check your makeup before you leave in this lovely Princess Mirror?

Or perhaps you'd like to admire your wickedness in this Dark Fairy Tale Mirror!

What deep dark secrets might you be able to see in this Scrying Mirror?

This red mirror might be nice, if your home decor style tends towards the vampiric.

Here's a red mirror that's a bit more sophisticated and ornate.

Here's a purple mirror for the many goths I know who enjoy that color. This might be a bit too colorful or "electric" toned for tradgoths though.

If you prefer things a bit more somber, here's a nicely distressed mirror.

Have a look around and see if you're as tempted to enhance your gothic home decor as I am!


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