Skull Bedding and Shower Curtains from Folk and Funky

Sometimes I get the itch to change my whole bedroom schematic. I can feel the need already, so I'm preparing myself by finding some options. I hope I'm not alone in this! I just recently changed my bathroom (mostly the shower curtain...) and it feels so nice! I'd like to show you guys some awesome skull bedding and shower curtains by Folk 'n Funky. You're probably wondering, why both? Well, lots of their designs for bedding is actually the same as their curtains. You could get one or both! There are plenty to choose from.

This design made me smile. The Dance Skeletons Grunge Antique Brown Bedding Set would be a fun set to have. Especially if you and your's love a bit of steampunk and goth together. The Dance Skeletons Grunge Antique Brown Shower Curtain would definitely give your bathroom some character. I thought you all would enjoy this playful and dark design.

I really couldn't help myself, I love cats! The Skeleton Cats Bedding would be an awesome set for all my eerie cat lovers. This design might be a little too colorful for me in the bedroom. I would definitely settle for the Skeleton Cat Shower Curtains. Admittedly, both the curtains and bed set might be best for little goths!

This very elegant Floral Lavender Sugar Skull Bedding would be a great change for the bedroom. There's not a bunch of stuff going on, but it's still very intricate. The Floral Lavender Sugar Skull Shower Curtain is one of my favorites.

I know that this isn't exact, but I love both the bed set and shower curtain. They look fairly close! The Red Roses and Chains Sugar Skull Bed Set has an interesting design with the beautiful traditional skull, but it's really the chains that stick out. There are a lot of dark elements to this set and really enjoy them. The Black Red Polka Dots and Roses Sugar Skull Shower Curtain is really cute! I wish I found this before going out to buy a new one.

This is one of my favorites. I love the steam punk and goth combination for these "Forever More" Bed Set and "Forever More" Shower Curtains. I love the fact that it's not busy! I hate to admit it, but the heart really sold me. This would be a fun bedroom or bathroom enhancement for any gothic couple.

I really, really love this Floral Purple Twilight Skull Bedding Set. It's gorgeous and looks as if it would have a ghostly glow. The Floral Purple Twilight Skull Shower Curtain is also very pretty, but I prefer the bed set. I'd love to paint my walls a deep purple or even a silver color and have this as my bed set.

As you can see there are a variety of bed sets and curtains by Folk 'n Funky. I didn't even scratch the surface! Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments down below. Happy shopping everyone!