Stunning Dark Fantasy Wigs from Ghoulia Peculiar

I will be attending a few conventions this year so I've been snooping around to see what is out there. I might not be a wig person, but these custom made wigs by Ghoulia Peculiar might change that for me. I've never seen anything so beautiful and unique! Lots of these are made to order and some look like you can customize things like colors as well. Check these out and see how amazing they are!

The colors in this Horned Wig are absolutely stunning. When I see this wig it just reminds me of a goddess. If this wasn't called the horned wig I would call it Persephone. It has a "chaotic natural" look and mixes nature and the underworld together.

Speaking of Greek mythology, this Medusa Wig is breathtaking. It actually portrays what I can imagine Medusa looking like. I love the messy and elegant styling! I would be more concerned with how top heavy it looks. It seems many people have taken it to clubs, so it's probably not too top heavy.

Now this Demon Wig is bound to turn heads. It looks as though you can customize the coloring for this wig. Each picture shows each wig designed very uniquely to that individual. It can be very elegant and dark or very punk rocker. This would be awesome for Halloween!

One of my favorite Shakespeare characters is Ophelia. The Ophelia Wig really embodies who Ophelia is. One of my favorite features is the the skulls twisted into her hair to symbolize death. Not only that, but her hair is embellished with vines and small flowers which I can imagine getting tangled in her hair as she floats down river. This is absolutely gorgeous.

I needed to add this one, because it's so elegant and you can do so much with this wig. The Snow Queen Wig is definitely how I picture the Snow Queen in the Hans Christian Andersen tale. I love the center jewel in the wig! It's the best feature.

This Tangle Faery Wig is very fun! I would love to customize and wear this to some convention in the near future! It's simple and the hair isn't insanely long (even though the one's that are are very beautiful.)

It is apparent every wig is made with love. Ghoulia Peculiar doesn't only intelligently create wigs, but uses symbolism to give them life. Honestly, I wish I could have this much artistic talent. Admire the other pieces Ghoulia Peculiar has created and keep in mind you can customize to whatever fits you best. Aren't these beautiful?