Throne Style Pet Beds for Pampered Gothic Cats and Dogs

There's never an end to how stupidly spoiled our fuzzy children can be. It's pretty clear that I am a puppet and my cats are the puppet masters. Those cunning creatures always seem to get their way don't they? I always have a hard time finding a compromise, for instance, finding a cat tree that's not an ugly beige color. Take a look at these vampire like kitty beds that would be perfect for dark homes like mine.

This coffin like Flame Luxury Cat Bed would best match my house. Not only would this work for cats, but also smaller dogs. I don't even think I have furniture this nice for myself. Of course, my cat would get a better bed than me first.

This Royal Cat Boutique Pet Bed bed is exactly like the previous, it is just gold instead of red. Might as well shower them with gold, though I prefer red!

Having more than one cat means needing more beds to share. This dark and glamorous Luxury Cat Condo is clearly the perfect choice for your feline friends. Originally I thought the post was lined with studs, but it's actually durable sisal carpet. The fact it looks like studs makes this kitty condo more bad ass. I know my children like to pretend they're hardcore, I might as well indulge their fantasies.

What better way to inflate someone's ego than to offer them the dark throne? This Royal Cat Boutique Imperial Akoff Throne Luxury Cat Bed is exactly what every feline needs. I can already see one of my cats leering down at me on this thing.

I don't think I could get away with having this in my house. I know someone here would want to get this Luxury Cat Bed in Hot Pink. I think the Queen or King of the household is most deserving of this very colorful, coffin like bed.

Don't you think your furry children deserve some luxury furniture? Don't forget to comment down below! I would love to know what your favorite is!