Delightful Winged Key Art Nouveau Steampunk Necklaces from Haut Totes

The skeleton key, also known as the pass key or a master key, is a key that has been filed or cut to create a master. It is supposed to be used to open any lock including in the spiritual realm in some cases! It is thought that skeleton keys are used to open to places of very sacred or secret information. Keys are also a symbol of opening or closing powers or gates. Keys are found in almost every culture! Fans of Alice in Wonderland would know that there are quite a bit of keys throughout both books! Basically what I am trying to say is I love keys and their symbolism! Haut Totes on Etsy has created all sorts of Steampunk "skeleton keys" that I think you would appreciate. They're so cool!

Steampunk Skeleton Key "Antique Silver" Finish

Art Nouveau Key Necklace - Valentine

Steampunk Art Nouveau Key in Gold

Gothic Steampunk Winged Skeleton Key Pendant

Victorian Steampunk Skeleton Key Necklace Purple

If you like this style of key, take a look at Haut Totes on Etsy. There are many more colors and shades of the same color that you might prefer than the ones I showed! What do you think? I imagine this skeleton key to unlock a very mysterious and possibly dark world. Tell me about it in the comments below.


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