Fraise au Loup's Gorgeous Gothic Fantasy Costumes

Ever since I have been on Etsy I've had this obsession with looking at headpieces. There are so many creative people out there - magnificent!

When I found Fraiseau Loup Costumes on Etsy I was floored. These costumes and headdresses are styled mostly in tribute to great greek Goddesses, but there are others that have a different symbolism. Make sure to take a look at the models too, because their costumes chosen to go along with the headdresses are perfect. They are absolutely stunning!

Let's start off with the most eerie, the Asteria Headpiece. Asteria is known as the goddess of the stars. She seems to be one of the only beings who could escape Zeus's sexual appetite, accomplished by turning herself into a quail and fleeing to the ocean. Supposedly she turned into the island Delos. There are theories that she is the goddess of oracles and dreams with prophecies. Her daughter Hecate is more famously known to be associated with necromancy, but she had to have gotten it from somewhere, right? This headpiece really embodies Asteria's mystery and darkness.

This Persephone Headdress is based on my favorite myth. I think most of us know that Persephone was the daughter of Demeter, goddess of agriculture, and Zeus. Hades wanted Persephone to be his wife, Zeus said "whatever", Demeter freaked out, Hades tricked Persephone to eat a berry from a pomegranate which caused Persephone to have to stay in the Underworld for quite some time, but she comes up to see her mom during spring and summer, goes back in winter (sometimes fall, depending on who you talk to). That's the basic story. Persephone as the Goddess of the Underworld was terrifying compared to her childhood counterpart. This headdress is very unique as it almost looks like a crown. It also looks like it is engulfing the subject, just like Persephone was immersed into the Underworld.

I'll take a break from mythology real quick to show you this Dark Angel Costume. The wings are marvelous. The best part is that they look tattered and ruined, but also full at the same time. I feel like these are more realistic as far as body to wing proportions go. The wing span is ginormous, so I would avoid wearing them to busy conventions, but you would be hard to miss! It might not be so bad. The ornaments hanging from the bottom are beautiful, giving this costume some more eerie attributes.

This Asymmetrical Mask may look simple compared to the others, but I must disagree. The beadwork on the mask itself must have taken hours to complete. I love the more sinister qualities this mask has compared to others out there. The chains across half of the face give this mask quite the edge.

The myth behind this Bolina Headdress isn't too elaborate. I just thought this was incredibly gorgeous. Bolina was a mortal human who was trying to escape the love of Apollo and jumped into the Ocean (why are these ladies doing that by the way?) He turned her into an immortal nymph after that. The headdress has nymph-like qualities, with a large spiral as the shape.

I really enjoy the myth behind the Ananke Headdress. Ananke was one of the first goddesses who was the partner of Chronos (the Father of Time.) She was the Goddess of Fate for everything, including for the gods. Some say she is also the goddess of bonds, good or bad. I can appreciate this headdress because it portrays certain aspects of Ananke in most historical art. Ananke has wings in a lot of old paintings. Too bad the headdress doesn't include a snake, a very important aspect to Ananke's mythology. The color blue is very prominent in Greek culture.

Now we're getting into Roman Mythology with this Bellone Headpiece. Bellona is the Goddess of War. Some would even associate her with a berserker. There were also priests of Bellona that practiced crazy blood filled rituals to appeal to Bellona's fury. This headpiece really portrays an ancient warrior feeling, with the leather tassels hanging high. The piece around the face suggests the person is wearing a helmet.

Last one since I need to stop myself! I love Greek mythology so I could literally go on forever. This Artemis Headpiece really invokes her mythology. Another famous story - Artemis is the Goddess of the Hunt and is also associated with the moon. I can actually picture a version of Artemis wearing this kind of headpiece: It is adorned with many feathers and with wires bent in a way I can see her masterful arrows being shot.

Seriously, you guys need to check out Fraiseau Loup Costumes on Etsy. I didn't even cover half of their items available. They are all absolutely jaw dropping and the symbolism is great for all of them! Take a look and tell me about it! I would love to hear your opinion on them.