Splendidly Dark Easter Dresses for Goth Girls

What do you do if your sensibilities run to the darker side, and you can't stand to see your offspring dressed in frothy pink, white or yellow dresses for Easter? You might have to spend time with judgmental relatives sure to criticize you if you show up with your baby clad in head-to-toe black like you'd prefer. Here are a few options you might compromise with this Easter:

This striped black and silver dress is by Susanne Lively. You could always remove the pink bow, but your daughter or niece probably wouldn't let you!

I believe this Laura Ashley London floral dress is a dark blue, not black, but it's still a nice darker option for you.

Here's a shantung dress with a bolder, darker floral pattern. It's also by Laura Ashley London.

If you have snooty in-laws, this Laura Ashley London schoolgirl knit dress might assuage them. Perhaps your baby would wear it traveling to see them or to pick them up at the airport, but not on Easter proper (it's not very girly).

Here's another formal dress to make the relatives swoon.

Ok, this plaid taffeta dress for toddlers and little girls doesn't scream "Easter" to me. It's so ruffly and punk rock, I couldn't resist including it here as an option.

The tulle overlay softens this black satin dress so it doesn't scream "My baby is a Satanist!" quite so much.

This is my personal favorite: a black and white damask baby dress by Mud Pie. Love the polka dots on the bow!

The yellow bow on this Bonnie Baby dress gives a nod to Easter. Notice how the ribbon trim on the dress is plaid!

This is supposedly a pageant dress for babies, but I think it would be nice for a formal family Easter gathering.

For those of you in warmer locales, here's a damask tunic set that's quite cute. It's casual though, so no wearing it to church!

Who can resist stripes?

Happy Easter everyone!