Monday, April 25, 2016

Gorgeous Black Milk Glass for Gothic Home Decor

After the fire in my kitchen episode months ago, I went on a huge shopping spree. Now that I feel like I have replaced everything I need, I still have this burning desire to buy more. Plus, I only bought the necessities. I really should find more gothic home decor. What is better than decorating with Black Milk Glass? I found some alluring black milk glass products on Etsy you should see!

This absolutely stunning Vintage Black Milk Glass Cut Water Pitcher is something I could have used yesterday during my dinner party. This might be one of my most needed hostess necessities. Not only that, with summer coming up, I need to lock myself up in a dark room until the sun sets, with my water handy. One of my favorite parts of this water pitcher is the geometric and floral designs on it. Combined with the black color this is a must have.

Is there anyone who likes vintage sea theme items? This Black Milk Glass Dolphin & Shell Console Set is perfect for a sinister sailor like you. I really love the design of the dolphins in this set. The shell bowl is a perfect addition. I can already imagine the creepy food I would serve.

This Vintage Black Milk Glass Pedestal Compote is really quite amazing. One thing I tend to forget with black milk glass is that light doesn't just disappear on the items. As you can see in the picture, you can actually see it reflecting the color, but in a darker tone. Obviously this makes all colors better! Wouldn't a deep red background really enhance the color? I love it!

For the more modern goth, these Black Milk Glass Champagne Glasses would be a great addition for your dining table. I love the shape of these glasses in particular. It reminds me of something Morticia and Gomez would serve on their dining room table. The glasses themselves remind me a little of how sharp and shapely Morticia is!

I really want this Black Milk Glass Relish Heart Tray! Not only is this a great serving tray, but it is so gorgeous. The platter looks like an upside down black umbrella. I would use this every day to haul around my red wine and snacks. This is absolutely lovely.

Speaking of red wine, this Black Milk Glass Decanter Liquor Bottle would be a great place to store your opened wine. The design on the bottle is very pretty. I'm so glad there is a cork on the top as well, because I am notorious for spilling my wine out of the bottle. If my red wine came out of this bottle I would feel like a Vampire Queen!

Initially I thought of Halloween when I saw this Black Milk Glass Handled Serving Dish. Then I realized how many functions this dish actually has! It looks slick and has a nice sheen. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to prefer serving dishes with handles as well - it makes everything so much easier.

I could use all of these Black Milk Glass Home Decor Items every day. In fact, I'm having a hard time not buying all of them, since they would blacken the house up just in time for summer! What is your favorite item? Take a look, there is plenty of dishware that I did not show. Comment below!

Goth Shop of the Week: Boring Sidney - Milliner in Seattle

Goth Shop of the Week: Boring Sidney,

Belle is a Seattle-based milliner with a BA in Apparel Design and a Minor in Costume Design. I love the fantastic, whimsical hats she creates!

Let's start things off with this awesome steampunk octopus cloche hat. Probably best for fall and winter - it would be worth buying it and waiting out the hot summertime until you can wear it in autumn.

This one's called Vampire Squid Fascinator. It makes me shiver a little bit just looking at it.

This black feather fascinator would be perfect for a cemetery picnic this summer.

I absolutely adore stripes, so this Kentucky Derby Racing Hat is probably my favorite of all the hats on offer here.

I don't think I have enough sass or spunk in my personality to pull off wearing this gorgeous red Kentucky Derby hat. Love the feathers!

Here's something I've never thought of before - wearing barbed wire on my head. This is a barbed wire grey fur felt shield hat. (If you like the barbed wire look, check out her Bastille hat as well).

Along similar lines, here's a spiked hat that's extremely unique.

This ethereal white fascinator is called "Cholera."

This lovely fascinator is called "Baby Dearest." Not just for Halloween!

As a Romantigoth myself, I'm very drawn to this stunning large "Red as the Reddest Rose" fascinator. So elegant!

I'm just going to leave this unusual red and black headpiece here and let you make of it what you will.

How clever - the black raven on this hat is made from real raven feathers!

There are so many more interesting hats, fascinators and headpieces to check out in our Goth Shop of the Week: Boring Sidney!

KitchenAid's Onyx Black for Gothic or Modern Victorian Kitchens

I have mentioned the fire in my kitchen before and I know I use it as a shopping excuse quite a bit. At least I'm honest right? It's also "spring cleaning" time, which in my book means get rid of the old to make room for the new. That means I can get rid of my washed out black kitchen items that survived my fire and get some nice new onyx black KitchenAid appliances on Amazon! These are great for old style homes or modern goth homes since their design is so simple. Come take a look, you might be surprised what you need.

During fall and winter I use this Onyx Black KitchenAid Professional Cast Iron 6-Quart Cookware every day! I use it for everyday cooking and also as a humidifier. I try to live by Alton Brown's advice: Only buy something if it has multiple uses. Plus, who doesn't love cast iron cookware? We've been cooking with it for hundreds of years.

As a baker, this Onyx Black KitchenAid Classic Series Stand Mixer is the best invention known to man! I use this appliance all the time, especially during Halloween. I like to get as many bat, pumpkin, and, witch sugar cookies out as possible.

This Onyx Black KitchenAid Espresso Maker is perfect. An onyx espresso maker to create my black cup of sunshine for my dark soul. That is the best part of waking up! The price is very reasonable too: I've always avoided buying one because they're typically so much money!

This Onyx Black KitchenAid Food Chopper is yet another great invention. I would probably make a better effort to eat my greens if I had this in my kitchen. I like to host a lot of goth or horror movie dinner parties and find this expedites the cooking process.

I would definitely feel like an A class witch if I had this Onyx Black KitchenAid Siphon Coffee Brewer. It's a great addition for making a trendy apothecary style kitchen. Also, coffee tastes better this way!

There seems to be a common theme with my choices of appliances, but I think a lot of us would find this Onyx Black KitchenAid Electric Kettle handy. You always bring it to work and add a little darkness to your day.

Have you been thinking about buying some new kitchen appliances? There are plenty of onyx black KitchenAid appliances on Amazon to check out. Which one do you think you need in your life? Comment down below!

Surprisingly Uncreepy Textile Beetles from Vienna

Not that I have a problem with beetles, but they aren't known for their cute nature. They are incredibly intriguing creatures, but I would never own one in my house! However, when I ran into these pieces I actually thought "Aww!"

Come and take a look at these plush beetles by Gabi Wagner on Etsy.

Now can you see how the Green Stag Beetle is surprisingly adorable? I love the texture of this one in particular. The coloring is delicate and beautiful - the very opposite of a true stag beetle.

This Stripe Stage Beetle looks quite sophisticated. It has a dark Victorian feel. I love the stripes, but I'm starting to see some optical illusions from it! This beetle is very cool.

This is a very classic beetle look. I enjoy the texture of The Dark Grey Beetle. Since it would be put on display for the most part I wouldn't necessarily get this one since it's a little boring.

As far as texture goes, this Leafy Beetle is a wee bit plain, but the design is absolutely gorgeous! This beetle is definitely something I would use to decorate my home.

Okay, this Gold Beetle would not match anything in my house, but it's so pretty. I love the design. It almost looks like it comes directly from a fantasy novel.

Check out some more elegant plush beetles by Gabi Wagner on Etsy. They would bring a very edgy look into your home. What do you guys think? How would you use your beetle? Tell me about it!

Ro Rox's Corporate Goth Dresses Possibly Suitable for the Office

I know that I am not the only one who wants to dress up even at work. I know if I dressed up full on goth, it could be intimidating for others. I still don't want to have to change my whole lifestyle just to fit into the norm! Sorry, but not sorry. These dark and glamorous dresses are so fun and still office friendly.

This Rockabilly 50's Party Wiggle Dress fits tightly on the hips, but has a conservative neck cut. For all the curvy ladies out there, I think this would be a lovely style dress. As a curvy lady myself I know it's hard to find any flattering dresses out there. It's edgy, fun, and fitting.

This Ro Rox Women's 1950's Vintage Retro Style Polka Dot Wiggle Dress screams sexy librarian. The cut is even more conservative that the previous dresses. I love the polka dots! Another thing I really enjoy is the placement of the buttons.

This Ro Rox Women's Voodoo Vixen 50's Emerald Peacock Pencil Dress is so pretty. I would feel too afraid to wear it at work knowing I might ruin it. The peacock print is stunning. I just love the stitching. The frills on the side give the dress a little more flare. If you're a dress wearer I would give this one a try.

When I saw this Ro Rox Women's Rockabilly Dog Tooth Wiggle Dress I thought "modern vampire." I just can imagine creatures of the night wearing this out for work.

I want to wear this Pencil Wiggle Vintage Style Fishtail Dress to work every day! Fishtail dresses are one of my favorite styles. I only want to add a touch of color to my mostly black wardrobe so this emerald green is absolutely perfect.

Now this Ro Rox Women's Rockabilly 1950's Vintage Style Pin Up Dress is perfect for us. I love the buttons that go down the front of one leg. It's very stylish, but also dark enough to express ourselves.

I'm glad you can choose from all sorts of colors in this Vintage Style Hourglass Trumpet Dress. This dress cut would be great for the hot weather coming up this summertime. You could use it for a night out too!

I'm glad there are options for us in the fashion department that are deemed "appropriate" to the public. I hope this helps anyone who wants to stay true to themselves, but needs work clothes! What dress or dress cut is your favorite? Tell me about it, I would love to hear!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Unusual and Thought Provoking Art Dolls and Sculptures by One Degree East

It's been a while since I've posted some strange and fascinating art. Again, human imagination has me floored. These Art Dolls by One Degree East on Etsy are amazing and creepy. When I saw them I just knew that you guys needed to see. They're absolutely surreal.

This is Shredda Remorse Doll. She resembles the Jigsaw Puppet from Saw, I think. Her plump face has very similar features. She looks like she is a professional sculptor with scissors. Shredda looks like a character from Dave McKean's mind. She looks fairly innocent with a bit of an edge. If this was put on display at my house it would be an eye turner.

Their other art doll is Snowy Owl. A little creepy, but majestic at the same time. This is what I imagine angels would be like. I can imagine them being more inhuman and monstrous. This doll is completely expressionless and yet it looks as if it is peering through your soul. The Snowy Owl is hauntingly beautiful.

I'm fascinated by this Jungle Queen Woodland Mask sculpture. Not sure it would fit into my existing home decor though!

This arch angel wall decor is a bit disturbing. (Coming from me, that's a compliment!)

Take a look at other items from One Degree East on Etsy. They all are very stunning and horrifying at the same time. They take surrealism to the next level, I love it! Any thoughts about these dolls? Tell me about it down below.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Five Stunning Vampire BJD Dolls on eBay

I have a friend who introduced me to BJD dolls not too long ago. After showing me a few pictures I was floored with how beautiful they are. Then, of course, on my own time I had to do research on gothic dolls specifically. I was not disappointed! These stunning Vampire BJD Dolls are worth taking a peek at.

I love how mysterious this Auguste Vampire BJD Doll is. He reminds me of Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. This is a super dollfie and measures 80 centimeters tall. This face-up is really alluring. He is clearly the King of the Darkness.

The Briza BJD Doll Vampire Girl looks like she could be Auguste's daughter. She is the Princess of the Underworld. She is 60 cm tall and another super doilfie. It's amazing the detail that went onto the face-up. I don't know if my hand could be steady enough to paint a delicate butterfly on a BJD doll face.

I find that this Vampire Dikadoll looks like a more modern vampire. He looks quite dashing in this photo don't you think? In fact, I can see him living in a dreary and dark library. Or even working as a butler in an abandoned mansion. The stories are endless!

A little different take on the typical vampire style, the Kana Vampire BJD Doll. She is more from the Victorian period fitting in with society. This 58cm tall dollfie has some of those most gorgeous eyes I've seen. They are a pale violet color and have an eerie glow.

This Burrysa Vampire BJD Doll looks like a queen. My favorite part is the jewelry that is tangled within her hair and a head piece. I can only imagine the goblet she is holding is filled with blood. Her face-up and clothing are amazing.

There are so many Vampire BJD Dolls on Ebay. If you are already a part of the doll community these can at least inspire you. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any of your own? I'd love to hear about it, so comment below!