Creepy Gothic Journals from Abbots Hollow Studios

I can never have enough journals to write in. I love to find unique journals online and not have to stop by Barnes and Noble all the time!

Are you a horror or thriller writer? These journals from Abbots Hollow Studios on Etsy would make inspirational story holders. The pages are blank on the inside, so it would make for a great sketchbook as well. Let's dive right in!

The Watchful Eye Journal would hopefully protect your stories from intruders! The leather is actually grained and the eye looks life-like. I would make sure to take great care of this creature.

I love how inquisitive this Orange Eyed Beast looks. Almost as curious as I probably look while writing! I really enjoy the texture on his brow line.

I think all of us can agree that this Dracula Journal is incredibly awesome. I would highly recommend this for any Vampire lover!

I couldn't resist showing you this Stone Golem Journal. It's a little dopey. He might even be a little cute, but I would rather write in something more sinister than him. I do like his big brow. Maybe this would be better for a fantasy novel?

This Troll-like Journal would be great for fantasy authors too. This one is the most friendly looking out of all the journals. It could even pass as a part of a haunted tree with all the wrinkles.

The Three Eyed Monster Journal is my favorite. I love the eye color, but my favorite feature is his pronounced lower lip. Clearly, this one is up to no good, but who really is?

There are so many monster journals by Abbots Hollow Studios on Etsy. Adopt one of your own to hold your mindful treasures. Which one is your favorite? Tell me about it in the comments section below!