Five Stunning Vampire BJD Dolls on eBay

I have a friend who introduced me to BJD dolls not too long ago. After showing me a few pictures I was floored with how beautiful they are. Then, of course, on my own time I had to do research on gothic dolls specifically. I was not disappointed! These stunning Vampire BJD Dolls are worth taking a peek at.

I love how mysterious this Auguste Vampire BJD Doll is. He reminds me of Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. This is a super dollfie and measures 80 centimeters tall. This face-up is really alluring. He is clearly the King of the Darkness.

The Briza BJD Doll Vampire Girl looks like she could be Auguste's daughter. She is the Princess of the Underworld. She is 60 cm tall and another super doilfie. It's amazing the detail that went onto the face-up. I don't know if my hand could be steady enough to paint a delicate butterfly on a BJD doll face.

I find that this Vampire Dikadoll looks like a more modern vampire. He looks quite dashing in this photo don't you think? In fact, I can see him living in a dreary and dark library. Or even working as a butler in an abandoned mansion. The stories are endless!

A little different take on the typical vampire style, the Kana Vampire BJD Doll. She is more from the Victorian period fitting in with society. This 58cm tall dollfie has some of those most gorgeous eyes I've seen. They are a pale violet color and have an eerie glow.

This Burrysa Vampire BJD Doll looks like a queen. My favorite part is the jewelry that is tangled within her hair and a head piece. I can only imagine the goblet she is holding is filled with blood. Her face-up and clothing are amazing.

There are so many Vampire BJD Dolls on Ebay. If you are already a part of the doll community these can at least inspire you. Which one is your favorite? Do you have any of your own? I'd love to hear about it, so comment below!


  1. BJD dolls look absolutelly stunning. I sometimes look up photos on Deviantart. It´s little bit creepy, how realistic some of them look, but still amazing. Especially vampire/goth ones. :3
    I would love to someday have at least one, but the price...well, not for my wallet. :/
    I have just Monster High dolls, but I´m happy anyways. :D

  2. The first one was definetly modeled after Playstation game "Castlevania symphony of the night." Alucard son of Dracula


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