Gorgeous Black Milk Glass for Gothic Home Decor

After the fire in my kitchen episode months ago, I went on a huge shopping spree. Now that I feel like I have replaced everything I need, I still have this burning desire to buy more. Plus, I only bought the necessities. I really should find more gothic home decor. What is better than decorating with Black Milk Glass? I found some alluring black milk glass products on Etsy you should see!

This absolutely stunning Vintage Black Milk Glass Cut Water Pitcher is something I could have used yesterday during my dinner party. This might be one of my most needed hostess necessities. Not only that, with summer coming up, I need to lock myself up in a dark room until the sun sets, with my water handy. One of my favorite parts of this water pitcher is the geometric and floral designs on it. Combined with the black color this is a must have.

Is there anyone who likes vintage sea theme items? This Black Milk Glass Dolphin & Shell Console Set is perfect for a sinister sailor like you. I really love the design of the dolphins in this set. The shell bowl is a perfect addition. I can already imagine the creepy food I would serve.

This Vintage Black Milk Glass Pedestal Compote is really quite amazing. One thing I tend to forget with black milk glass is that light doesn't just disappear on the items. As you can see in the picture, you can actually see it reflecting the color, but in a darker tone. Obviously this makes all colors better! Wouldn't a deep red background really enhance the color? I love it!

For the more modern goth, these Black Milk Glass Champagne Glasses would be a great addition for your dining table. I love the shape of these glasses in particular. It reminds me of something Morticia and Gomez would serve on their dining room table. The glasses themselves remind me a little of how sharp and shapely Morticia is!

I really want this Black Milk Glass Relish Heart Tray! Not only is this a great serving tray, but it is so gorgeous. The platter looks like an upside down black umbrella. I would use this every day to haul around my red wine and snacks. This is absolutely lovely.

Speaking of red wine, this Black Milk Glass Decanter Liquor Bottle would be a great place to store your opened wine. The design on the bottle is very pretty. I'm so glad there is a cork on the top as well, because I am notorious for spilling my wine out of the bottle. If my red wine came out of this bottle I would feel like a Vampire Queen!

Initially I thought of Halloween when I saw this Black Milk Glass Handled Serving Dish. Then I realized how many functions this dish actually has! It looks slick and has a nice sheen. I hate to say it, but I'm starting to prefer serving dishes with handles as well - it makes everything so much easier.

I could use all of these Black Milk Glass Home Decor Items every day. In fact, I'm having a hard time not buying all of them, since they would blacken the house up just in time for summer! What is your favorite item? Take a look, there is plenty of dishware that I did not show. Comment below!


  1. This post is so awesome, I used you to slack off at Spooky Moon today. :) http://www.spookymoon.com/wp/?p=7607

  2. Also, I just bought the pitcher. Do I need a pitcher? No, I do not need a pitcher. You guys are enablers.

    1. You should see all the stuff we buy after our daily blogging sessions. yikes!


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