Goth Shop of the Week: Boring Sidney - Milliner in Seattle

Goth Shop of the Week: Boring Sidney,

Belle is a Seattle-based milliner with a BA in Apparel Design and a Minor in Costume Design. I love the fantastic, whimsical hats she creates!

Let's start things off with this awesome steampunk octopus cloche hat. Probably best for fall and winter - it would be worth buying it and waiting out the hot summertime until you can wear it in autumn.

This one's called Vampire Squid Fascinator. It makes me shiver a little bit just looking at it.

This black feather fascinator would be perfect for a cemetery picnic this summer.

I absolutely adore stripes, so this Kentucky Derby Racing Hat is probably my favorite of all the hats on offer here.

I don't think I have enough sass or spunk in my personality to pull off wearing this gorgeous red Kentucky Derby hat. Love the feathers!

Here's something I've never thought of before - wearing barbed wire on my head. This is a barbed wire grey fur felt shield hat. (If you like the barbed wire look, check out her Bastille hat as well).

Along similar lines, here's a spiked hat that's extremely unique.

This ethereal white fascinator is called "Cholera."

This lovely fascinator is called "Baby Dearest." Not just for Halloween!

As a Romantigoth myself, I'm very drawn to this stunning large "Red as the Reddest Rose" fascinator. So elegant!

I'm just going to leave this unusual red and black headpiece here and let you make of it what you will.

How clever - the black raven on this hat is made from real raven feathers!

There are so many more interesting hats, fascinators and headpieces to check out in our Goth Shop of the Week: Boring Sidney!