Gothic and Horror Clothing from Death's Amore

I have been on a very "elegant goth fashion" trend lately and haven't even touched printed clothing items for a while. Some of my Nightmare Before Christmas tees and leggings are falling apart, so I need some replacements. Plus, I can't get enough shopping anyway! I found a really awesome Etsy store called Death's Amore that carries high quality printed leggings, dresses, and more. Come and take a look at these delightfully dreary articles of clothing!


These XXI Canto Leggings might be some of my favorite I've ever seen on the internet. Not only is Dante one of my favorite classics, but XXI Canto is one of my favorite chapters. This was one of the first chapters where Virgil stops coddling Dante. He is less reassuring than before. Plus the imagery from this point on in the Inferno is exponentially more cruel. These leggings depict a scene from this particular chapter.

It has also been brought to my attention that I have been a little obsessed with Silence of the Lambs lately. Apparently I will have to watch it this weekend! This really awesome Death Moth - Bodycon Dress is bound to turn heads. This a perfect style for a party dress, especially for spring and summer coming up. The moth illustrations have an almost retro feel which is very unique.

Speaking of bugs, this very cool Creepy Crawly - Pencil Skirt would be a great addition to any outfit. It's not too vibrant, but the design on the skirt is enough to give it some delicate character. I really enjoy how they put all kinds of bugs on the skirt and didn't focus on one species. Some of those beetles are totally cool. I wish I could find more!

This gorgeous Rose Red Bodycon Dress is another showstopper. There's no reference to anything, except maybe the Rose Red Grimm Fairytale. Other than that, this is just a slick dress with beautifully drawn roses. This looks incredibly comfortable to wear on an evening out. I think even some leggings would make this bodycon dress extra amazing.

These Come Play With Us Leggings are brilliant. This is the design on the carpet in The Shining. If you know of any horror movie or Stanley Kubrick fans, these would make a great gift! Or you could just let them know about it. I can imagine meeting so many Kubrick or horror movie nerds by wearing these out. They would make for great conversation starters.

Finally, this Cthulhu The Heater - Beanie Hat would have been such a great winter gift! I suppose I can get it for next year, but I just regret finding this so late! I have many Lovecraftian friends who would really enjoy wearing this out and about. This is a very unique Cthulhu design. It looks rather warm too!

Like what you see? Check out more of Death's Amore on Etsy and let me know what you think. How would you wear your Inferno leggings or your Rose Red Dress? Tell me about it!