Gund's Zombie Plush Toys for Goth Babies

I couldn't resist showing you guys these cute toys! Do you need to refresh your plushy inventory? I sure do! These Zombie Plush Toys by Gund would make perfect gifts. Or just keep them for your own home. Take a look!

Goths and zombies can be superheroes too. I would read that story! I think that this Zombie Superhero Plush will inspire our little gothlings to dream big. This zombie hero also shows us that we can look however we want and still be super.

I just noticed the cute little heart over the Zombie Ballerina Plush's eye. This ballerina would definitely stand out during her ballet recital. Plus she gives girls inspiration to be happy being different, because there isn't one kind of beauty. Bad ass can be beautiful too. I love the colors.

This Zombie Rock Star needs some buddies I think. I wish that there were more than just him, or at least if he came in different colors. I'd love to make a zombie rock band!

I couldn't help but giggle that this Zombie Skateboarder looks almost too injured to actually skateboard! His eye looks bruised and his arm is all wrapped up. This zombie even has a band-aid on his arm.

What a cute Sweetness Zombie Girl. My favorite part is definitely the pink hair with the side ponytail. This would be perfect for my goth girls.

I almost want this Groovy Zombie Plush for my Dead Head friends! It's almost a perfect representation don't you think? It's very cute for the little ones as well.

Personally I really love the Zombie Backpack Clips. Your little Goths can show off their new zombie buddy to their friend and take it with them wherever they go. Accessorizing is fun too and makes their stuff more unique!

Check out all of these Zombie Plush Toys by Gund on Amazon. There are lots of options to choose from. Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!