Incredible Gothic and Pirate Themed Printed Tights

I wanted to turn your eyes in a different direction today. I hope there are some pirate lovers out there. It's been so nice out that I have been exclusively wearing skirts or dresses. In order to finish my clothing ensemble I really need to wear tights. These Gothic and Pirate Themed Printed Tights by Teja Milla on Etsy are quite stunning. All of them would add their own flair as you wear them, take a look!

Both the Black Royal Victorian Steampunk Medieval Fleur and the White Royal Victorian Steampunk Medieval Fleur are great options! If you're feeling darker one day, clearly the black would fit your mood. I have to add that for this particular style there are set sizes and many other color options (such as red and white which I also adore!) These two were just my favorites and would fit with any plain dress.

I think out of all the prints this one is my favorite style. The Pirate Burgundy Tights with Narwhals and Black and White Pirate Tights remind me of a bad ass Little Mermaid scene. The reason for this being my favorite is that it has a lot of different symbols, rather than just repeating the same one or two. It shows narwhals crossing horns, squid, treasure chests, and a pirate ship. Overall, this clearly has the essence of pirate all over it.

These tights are great for my steakpunk lovers. The Cream Keys and Clocks Tights and Brown Keys and Clocks Tights are basic, but definitely not boring. In fact, this might go well with some Alice in Wonderland cosplay!

These are gorgeous! Both the Art Nouveau Black and Purple and Art Nouveau Black and White tights give an eerie and classy look. I am in love with the ultra dark black and purple ones. It would be subtle, but once someone got up close they could really see the design.

There are many sizes and colors available for each of these items. I only picked my favorites, but I thought everything in the shop were all very beautiful. Take a look for more Gothic and Pirate Themed Printed Tights and tell me about it in the comments down below! I would love to hear from you.