My Ten Favorite Vintage Black Opera Coats

It is an absolute must to dress up when I go out to a play, opera, or even the ballet. In fact, my gothic wardrobe tends to get the most compliments when I am at the theater. I have enough black opera coats to last me a lifetime, but I love them. Where I live, they are very necessary too, since it's so cold half the time!

Admire these stunning Vintage Black Opera Coats from Etsy!

It's really early in the morning for me right now, so this Antique Edwardian Black Velvet Opera Coat looks incredibly comfy. The collar is ruched and filled to allow for holding its shape. This would definitely keep you comfortable throughout a whole show since it is so soft. Edwardian fashion is also one of my favorite periods.

This Reversible Vintage Swing Coat might be the perfect opera coat. It is totally reversible with red wool for the urban day coat and black rayon faille for your opera coat at night. It has dolman sleeves with a very interesting seams. This is very sophisticated and reminds me a little bit of a costume from Kubrick's "Eyes Wide Shut".

The Maribou Trim Evening Opera Coat is stunning isn't it? This Edwardian coat is made entirely of silk (Wow!) and trimmed with maribou feathers around the collar and sleeves. I feel like I would need to find a hat to go with this coat as well.

Wow, this 1960's Blood Red Phantom of the Opera Velvet Cape is an eye turner. It's made with velvet and a feather boa lines the bottom. If you are someone who loves attention and dressing up, this would be a great addition to your wardrobe. It's just gorgeous and looks so comfortable!

I had to look at this Black Silk Velvet Coat twice. The original picture I looked at, it looked fairly ordinary. Once I got the close up of the sleeves and back it instantly changed my perspective! I love the details in the sleeves and I can now see that Edwardian look. The fur collar isn't original, but it gives it a more modern flair. This would be a great addition to any dark and dreary ensemble.

This Black Silk Velvet and Gold Sequin Collar Opera Coat would suit anyone who is going for a dramatic vampiric look. The collar is definitely eye catching and absolutely gorgeous. Not only that, but this coat is lined with cashmere and silk satin.

What an amazing find! This Goth Black Velour Opera Coat just makes me incredibly happy! I love the large buckle that hooks at the neck. This is dated approximately 1915's-1920's. I would love to have this in my wardrobe! This would go well with all of my outfits.

You will need to click on this Antique Edwardian Opera Coat Black Silk Satin to get the full greatness of this piece. There are so many little details and pictures, I can't show them all! The fabric is black silk satin with a kimono-style covered by layers of hand-made French creme lace and black silk chiffon, trimmed in crocheted metallic gold. This is a wear only on special occasions kind of coat, but you would shine in the center of the room. This is an exquisite find, take a closer look!

A simple yet very elegant Black Velvet Genuine Fur Cape. I personally really enjoy making something that looks ordinary into something extraordinary! It's about the outfit as a whole instead of just the one coat. This particular vintage opera coat you could wear anywhere without the constant fear of ruining it. For those goth fashionistas out there, this was made by Philip Mangone!

The design of this Vintage 1920's Opera Coat Black Velvet is one of my favorites. This coat has really nice ruched details on the sleeves and collar. This looks very warm and comfortable. It would be perfect to wear for a very long night of theater, dinner, and wine!

My last pick, not necessarily my least favorite, is this 1920s Velvet Cocoon Opera Coat. All the other coats have been very long and I know sometimes I would prefer to show off my skirt or dress. This coat would be a great pick for spring and summertime as well!

Take a look at other Vintage Black Opera Coats from Etsy! What are some of your favorites? It is really hard to choose if I was ready to buy one. A part of me would love to own the museum quality coat then another part of me knows I would be better off buying something like the Reversible Vintage Swing Coat. Comment down below and let me know what you think!