Ro Rox's Corporate Goth Dresses Possibly Suitable for the Office

I know that I am not the only one who wants to dress up even at work. I know if I dressed up full on goth, it could be intimidating for others. I still don't want to have to change my whole lifestyle just to fit into the norm! Sorry, but not sorry. These dark and glamorous dresses are so fun and still office friendly.

This Rockabilly 50's Party Wiggle Dress fits tightly on the hips, but has a conservative neck cut. For all the curvy ladies out there, I think this would be a lovely style dress. As a curvy lady myself I know it's hard to find any flattering dresses out there. It's edgy, fun, and fitting.

This Ro Rox Women's 1950's Vintage Retro Style Polka Dot Wiggle Dress screams sexy librarian. The cut is even more conservative that the previous dresses. I love the polka dots! Another thing I really enjoy is the placement of the buttons.

This Ro Rox Women's Voodoo Vixen 50's Emerald Peacock Pencil Dress is so pretty. I would feel too afraid to wear it at work knowing I might ruin it. The peacock print is stunning. I just love the stitching. The frills on the side give the dress a little more flare. If you're a dress wearer I would give this one a try.

When I saw this Ro Rox Women's Rockabilly Dog Tooth Wiggle Dress I thought "modern vampire." I just can imagine creatures of the night wearing this out for work.

I want to wear this Pencil Wiggle Vintage Style Fishtail Dress to work every day! Fishtail dresses are one of my favorite styles. I only want to add a touch of color to my mostly black wardrobe so this emerald green is absolutely perfect.

Now this Ro Rox Women's Rockabilly 1950's Vintage Style Pin Up Dress is perfect for us. I love the buttons that go down the front of one leg. It's very stylish, but also dark enough to express ourselves.

I'm glad you can choose from all sorts of colors in this Vintage Style Hourglass Trumpet Dress. This dress cut would be great for the hot weather coming up this summertime. You could use it for a night out too!

I'm glad there are options for us in the fashion department that are deemed "appropriate" to the public. I hope this helps anyone who wants to stay true to themselves, but needs work clothes! What dress or dress cut is your favorite? Tell me about it, I would love to hear!