Surprisingly Uncreepy Textile Beetles from Vienna

Not that I have a problem with beetles, but they aren't known for their cute nature. They are incredibly intriguing creatures, but I would never own one in my house! However, when I ran into these pieces I actually thought "Aww!"

Come and take a look at these plush beetles by Gabi Wagner on Etsy.

Now can you see how the Green Stag Beetle is surprisingly adorable? I love the texture of this one in particular. The coloring is delicate and beautiful - the very opposite of a true stag beetle.

This Stripe Stage Beetle looks quite sophisticated. It has a dark Victorian feel. I love the stripes, but I'm starting to see some optical illusions from it! This beetle is very cool.

This is a very classic beetle look. I enjoy the texture of The Dark Grey Beetle. Since it would be put on display for the most part I wouldn't necessarily get this one since it's a little boring.

As far as texture goes, this Leafy Beetle is a wee bit plain, but the design is absolutely gorgeous! This beetle is definitely something I would use to decorate my home.

Okay, this Gold Beetle would not match anything in my house, but it's so pretty. I love the design. It almost looks like it comes directly from a fantasy novel.

Check out some more elegant plush beetles by Gabi Wagner on Etsy. They would bring a very edgy look into your home. What do you guys think? How would you use your beetle? Tell me about it!