Unusual and Thought Provoking Art Dolls and Sculptures by One Degree East

It's been a while since I've posted some strange and fascinating art. Again, human imagination has me floored. These Art Dolls by One Degree East on Etsy are amazing and creepy. When I saw them I just knew that you guys needed to see. They're absolutely surreal.

This is Shredda Remorse Doll. She resembles the Jigsaw Puppet from Saw, I think. Her plump face has very similar features. She looks like she is a professional sculptor with scissors. Shredda looks like a character from Dave McKean's mind. She looks fairly innocent with a bit of an edge. If this was put on display at my house it would be an eye turner.

Their other art doll is Snowy Owl. A little creepy, but majestic at the same time. This is what I imagine angels would be like. I can imagine them being more inhuman and monstrous. This doll is completely expressionless and yet it looks as if it is peering through your soul. The Snowy Owl is hauntingly beautiful.

I'm fascinated by this Jungle Queen Woodland Mask sculpture. Not sure it would fit into my existing home decor though!

This arch angel wall decor is a bit disturbing. (Coming from me, that's a compliment!)

Take a look at other items from One Degree East on Etsy. They all are very stunning and horrifying at the same time. They take surrealism to the next level, I love it! Any thoughts about these dolls? Tell me about it down below.