Adorably Pouty Little Alice Through the Looking Glass Mopeez Toys

New from Funko to celebrate the release of Alice Through the Looking Glass: Funko's Mopeez plush toys based on the film. I haven't found an Alice character yet, nor a White Queen. Surely those are coming soon?

These are all around 4.5 inches tall - not quite pocket sized, but easy to tuck into your purse to keep you company!

I'm probably not going to be able to resist getting this cute Mad Hatter Mopeez!

And of course the Iracebeth Mopeez will keep him company on my desk!

Here's the Time Mopeez, looking grumpy.

Here's the White Rabbit Mopeez, named McTwisp.

Chessur is so mopey, he isn't even grinning!