Alice Through the Looking Glass Dolls

It wasn't too long ago when I showed you guys the new Alice Through the Looking Glass Funko Pop figures. To balance all the cuteness out, I found some dark and whimsical Alice Through the Looking Glass Disney collector dolls from the upcoming movie.

There are two versions of Alice. This Alice collector doll is my favorite version. I like her facial expression - it's like she's waiting for something to happen. She seems to be unsure about something. She looks like she is clearly in the middle of an adventure - just look at her wild hair!

I can appreciate this Alice doll. The outfit for this doll is what really makes this doll stand out for me. I enjoy the darker and more chaotic features. Though, I wish her pantaloons were puffier like they are in the previous doll.

There are also two Mad Hatter dolls. The expression on this Mad Hatter doll is priceless. He's a little horrifying! Not only that, but clearly he is up to no good! This doll has a brighter outfit. The colors are also all over the place. Nothing is complimenting each other. It's a bit perfect for those who have gone mad, right?

All I can think is steampunk when I see this Mad Hatter collector doll. The colors on his outfit aren't incredibly bright, but it works. He still has a very spooky aura about him. The size of his hat and bow is awesome. It's really a perfect representation of how wonky he really is. They are enormous!

I'm not going to lie, I love this Queen of Hearts collector doll. I know she's supposed to be ridiculously short, but this is absolutely stunning. That dress is amazing, I want one of my own. Her expression is rather curious. I would rather see her evil side. Also, since the Queen of Hearts is Helena Bonham Carter I have a hard time not loving her.

Don't you think that this White Queen doll is enchanting? She looks like a beautiful phantom. I wouldn't have guessed she's from Alice Through the Looking Glass. Unfortunately, I don't understand her expression. It's pretty blank in my opinion! She would look better if she were frightened or maybe in a daydream.

Now for the Time collector doll. By this figure you would never be able to guess that Sacha Baron Cohen was playing Time. He looks so stern and regal. I wish they did more with his outfit though. If I were to think of Time in the world of Alice, I would think of and outfit similar to a steampunk wrist watch. For a villain, he doesn't look that scary.

Are you guys excited for the movie? I am still debating on whether or not I go see it in the theaters. I probably will, because it's a Tim Burton Production! I hate to say this, but Johnny Depp looks a lot older in this film than I've ever seen before! Check out other Alice Through the Looking Glass Disney collector dolls on Amazon! Tell me what you think!