An Entire Etsy Shop for Bats!

We have been doing a class about bats this month on Dark Side University. It has been incredibly fascinating, and now I have this new admiration for bats. If you're a bat fiend, this store is right up your alley. Flez on Etsy have all sorts of bat accessories that you may be surprised about!

I suddenly feel really old because I got excited about this minky-hot water batty. It's so different and useful! That would have come in handy when I had the flu a couple weeks ago. It looks very welcoming. I wouldn't mind having this to keep my feet warm during winter either.

The concept behind this mug with bat wings is cool, but I'm not sure how well it actually would do. I personally need handles for my scalding hot tea or coffee. I'm just not sure I could easily grip those wings. This would fend better as a wee-goth hot chocolate mug with a straw.

If I had a wedding next week, I wouldn't mind my significant other wearing this bat tie. It is simple and classy. I'm so glad it's not "cutesy". It would also show his incredibly quirky nature that I enjoy.

Of course there needs to be jewelry. I adore this petite bat chain. I love the combination of elegance and darkness together. I like how the bat ears come together in a ring shape so it looks like the skull is holding the bat in it's teeth.

Out of all the shoulder bags offered, this one is my favorite. This ghost bat- shoulder bag is just really pretty. I wish I had an excuse to get it, but I never use them! My cousin mostly uses shoulder bags for her art supplies. There's an idea for a gift!

I couldn't help but laugh at this bat belt bag. I definitely think it's clever. I do not recommend this as a way to travel to other countries with your passport. Maybe people would be too frightened to snatch it from you? This bat is too cute to scare people away.

Why do fridge magnets always seem to go missing? I don't think I would have a problem with these bat magnets. If you work in an office, this would be an awesome accessory to bring with you. They're cute enough to not bother the commoners, but "scary" enough to leave you happy for the day.

Go batty for bats! Check out other random bat accessories from Fletz on Etsy. I am having a hard time resisting the minky-hot water batty. It's the one item I've never seen and I know I would use it every day throughout fall and winter. What about you?