Beautiful Gothic Jewelry from Horribell

I'm really excited to show you guys some new jewelry I found. When you see these gorgeous pieces of jewelry by Horribell on Etsy you will be in awe.

This Skeleton Bride and Groom Necklace takes best friend necklaces to a new level. The ultimate best friend of course is your significant other. These are so unique and perfect for my kind of devilish dynamic duo.

Don't you think Dark Cowboy or Western Macabre should be a thing? I think there's a unique niche of people that would fit in. This Deer Skull Necklace would be a great accessory to express your love for the dead among the Wild West. The best part about this pendant is the Victorian design around the skeleton. It reminds me of a mirror.

Any Vampire Queens out there? This stunning Bat Wing Necklace with Black Heart is a head turner. It's elegant and dark, just like I prefer. I really like the design of the wings.

This is the kind of color I've been looking for. I love the deep red tone of this Red Skull Pendant Necklace. Not only that, but I really love how it looks like you're looking at a mirror and the reflection is a skull. The metal work around the gem is gorgeous.

This Antique Silver Scissors Necklace has a unique design. I'm sure Edward Scissorhands would love to get his hands on these. I do like the key and lock clasp, that's so interesting!

I really adore this Antique Silver Mood Ring. When I was a kid I had a favorite ring and of course, it was a mood ring. As an adult, this color changing ring is even better. The colors are deeper and darker, it suits my personality better!

Another colorful and beautiful piece is this Custom Spider Necklace. I wish I wasn't so afraid of spiders, because I think this is very gorgeous. I know I would jump every time I looked down at it!

The Angel Wings Necklace with Heart is so pretty. I enjoy the black heart the best out of all the colors provided. The design might not be dark enough for my taste, plus, I'm not an angel wing kind of lady. I like the jewel itself.

There are more unique pieces of jewelry on their website! Check out Horribell on Etsy. If you're a rocker, goth, or steampunk lover, this is the place for you! Take a look and tell me what your favorite is!