Fantastic and Creative Dark Jewelry from Hibernacula

If you're looking for unique jewelry that looks like it came straight from a horror novel, this is the place to be. The gorgeous gems are inspired by many fantastical creatures from the underworld. The oddly alluring jewelry from Hibernacula on Etsy is amazing. Take a peek.

The idea behind this Death's mask is brilliant. Death masks have been used throughout history in many cultures. When someone died some cultures would cast their faces as a process of the funeral ritual. This piece of jewelry is a great artistic expression of a historical tradition.

Magpies are also culturally significant all over the world. This gorgeous Thieving Magpie necklace really embraces the magpie's clever personality. They're also related to crows and ravens: also closely related to death in many mythologies! Not only are the black wings bold and gorgeous, but the little "gems" in the middle represent their mischievous need to steal treasures.

This is a tribute to the famous goddess Hecate. The Key of Hecate really shows her more wild witchy characteristics. Hecate is known as the goddess of the crossroads or the three paths. Hecate is incredibly significant in the Wiccan faith.

This Tentacle Trinity bronze necklace is so awesome. This would be a great emblem for a cult of Cthulhu. Who doesn't like creepy crawly tentacles all over your neck?

I love how sinister this Dark Side of the Moon pendant is. It reminds me of the Behelit from the manga Berserk. It's eerie and almost seems as if it's just waiting to wake up. I think it's really cool how it overlaps over itself like a yin and yang.

This is gorgeous. The eye of this Dragon Tear necklace just feels like it looks right through your soul. This is a beautiful piece and very inspirational! I might have to start writing my fantasy novel.

I would highly recommend taking a peek at jewelry from Hibernacula on Etsy. I guarantee there will be something that appeals to anyone here. They are so many representations of dark tales and myths. Is there any piece of jewelry you haven't seen from any artist that you're dying to have? Let me know!