Gorgeous Dark Art Illustrations by The Nebulous Kingdom

It's another dreary day in the Pacific Northwest, which means I feel inspired. My mind is wandering off imagining all these mysterious and magical places I could be. This mood always leads me to Etsy for another artistic adventure. The Nebulous Kingdom on Etsy has one of a kind illustrations. Some are from her own mind and others are from great horror classics. Come check it out!

I can't pass up this stunning A Nightmare Before Christmas print. Did you realize that the moon has an expression on its face? It's so delicate that I didn't realize it at first. This print is so delightfully haunting, I love it! Plus, Sally is my favorite! I'm glad she's front and center. The artist's style is incredibly unique.

Another inspiring bleak couple is featured in this Edward Scissorhands print. Kim and Edward look so lovely together. I am so happy that his Gothic Mansion is in the background! I appreciate that the illustration is truly true to the movie.

This is such a different representation of the Red Queen from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The dress made out of the cards is absolutely brilliant! I really enjoy the little elements from the story that are placed throughout the piece. The red roses and hanging keys in her hair are so clever.

One story that I cherish very much is Snow White and Rose Red. I have a sister who is practically my opposite, so I have a soft spot for this print. First of all, I have to give the artist props for getting her Snow White exactly like the tale! Lots of people confuse this Snow White with the other one that is associated with the wicked queen and the seven dwarfs.

This Glorious Sadness was inspired by "Angel" by Sarah McLachlan. I'm glad someone was inspired to create such a beautiful piece of art from that song. Now I can think about something different than the animal cruelty videos! The title of this illustration is flawless. She really portrays "glorious sadness" exactly how it feels.

Out of her original work, the The Red Room illustration is the most alluring. I have a strange affinity to the colors and the eerie design as a whole. The pictures that are hanging from the wall just add to its spooky environment. Isn't that Victorian wallpaper elegant?

The La Sorcière Noire is ghostly and exquisite. It's like this illustration is moving. I adore how she's fading from the paper - She is clearly a talented witch. The twigs that are tangled in her hair give her a little evil edge. I wish this was a postcard!

Some of these items also come as phone covers if you're not looking for ways to cover your walls. Check out all of The Nebulous Kingdom's pieces of art on Etsy. I didn't come close to showing everything, so it's worth looking at! How do you like her art style? I think it's simple, but still shows so much talent. I'd love to hear your thoughts, comment below!