Goth Shop of the Week: Scarytales Clothing

If you've been looking for some great gothic clothing, this is the place to be! I can imagine wandering through a graveyard wearing any of these outfits. Take a look at Scarytales Clothing on Etsy! Everything they make is hauntingly beautiful.

I love this picture. Her attitude gives her clothing more personality! This Dark Rose Ruffle Blouse is very awesome. The ruffles and the little beads coming down from the rose are my favorite.

Now if only I had this faux fur hooded scarf with heart pockets during winter. It looks incredibly warm and comfortable. This would be a great companion during fall when we go trick or treating or wander outside in the dark. I can always get it for this coming year!

The Moonblood High Waisted Culottes are great for the workplace. Not only are they comfortable - they are also enchanting. The way they flow as you walk reminds me of a trailing ghost.

I need this Faux Stranded Fur Hand Muff in my life! This would be a fabulous winter accessory. Imagine dressing up in your best black dress and going to an opera. The hand muffs also act as a shoulder bag or handbag.

Normally, I wouldn't show any animal ears or tails, but I really like these White Lace Kitty Ears. These ears are incredibly elegant and very fun! I can see myself creeping in the night like a cat would. There are plenty of styles of ears too, if you're interested!

This is a glorious Faux Fur Hooded Scarf with Heart Pockets! This reminds me of something the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland would wear. There is a variety of colors that the scarf comes in. I personally enjoy the purple and black one.

You guys probably couldn't tell, but I love dresses. When I saw this Of The Silvery Moon Dress I got so excited! The silver reflects the colors surrounding it, giving the gown a beautiful sheen. Imagine walking into a blood red room with this dress on!

Check out more of Scarytales Clothing on Etsy! There are plenty of other clothing choices for all kinds of goth ladies. Tell me about it in the comments down below!


  1. Such cute stuff!
    You won't believe this but...the first link in the post (Scarytale Clothing on Etsy!) takes me to Netflix - Kitchen Nightmares (SE:4 EP:5). I love that show but that's not where I want to go haha! I wonder if it's a glitch with me or the link? Anyway, awesome clothes, so adorable <3

    1. Oh my goddess.. thank you for catching that! My co-author was watching that show while writing. LOL. Sorry for the inconvenience!! Thanks for letting us know.


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