Growing a Ghostly Garden

Some people would enjoy a tropical or fairy garden. I would rather design something a little more mysterious and dark, like a cemetery. I want to be able to see the spiritual world in this garden under the full moon.

Creating a ghostly garden requires more than just white flowers like dahlias, poppies, or hydrangeas. The flowers should be ethereal and have interesting shapes. You should be able to see their silvery white hue glowing in the moonlight. Having gray shrubs or bushes will give your garden more depth. Imagine the shadowy figures reaching outward to pull you in as you take midnight walks. Here are some suggestions for creating your own ghostly garden.

If you're looking for interesting shapes, these Silvery-gray Foliage Dusty Miller would do the trick. As the moon shines you might see the leaves just glowing.

In this packet, there are more seeds of the Dusty Miller foliage. Not only would you create your midnight garden, but it would be perfect for rainy days as well.

Not only is Common Wormwood beautiful as decor for your garden, it is also medicinal.

These Black Cumin flowers are so unique. The center of the flower looks like a creature is growing from it.

I love how the petals of these White Dianthus look torn. That's exactly how I imagine a ghost's dress to look like as it trails on the ground.

These Silver Dust Ragwort plants have a silvery glow. It would be perfect for your ghostly garden.

When I first saw these White Nancy Dead Nettles it looked as if the flower was just erupting from the plant! So organic and almost creature-like.

One flower I know is necessary in my ghost garden is Angel's Trumpet. It is historically medicinal and poisonous. Most of all, some sources say it was used to communicate with the dead.

The beautiful fragrance of the Nicotiana is relaxing on a moonlit night. The petals also look like they are reaching up to kiss you.

I have never seen a flower with such intricately shaped blossoms. It looks like ghostly fingers growing from the petals.

What's better than a White Moonflower for your cemetery themed garden? These will only bloom in the middle of the night.

I can imagine the shadowy figures being shown from this The White Dove Flower. It would be spooky in the middle of the night!

I can see faces in these almost poisonous looking White Borage flowers. Believe it or not, these are edible.

These white German Statice are gorgeous and dense. This plant is very easy to grow, quickly adding volume to your garden. The flowers that bloom remind me of little stars.

This adds a different element that I haven't covered yet. The frayed petals are like needles sticking out. I really enjoy the shape of these and how large they are compared to the rest of the flowers. They're a Giant White Aster.

These Sweet Autumn Clematis flowers are stunning. Not only that, but they have a strong gorgeous fragrance. Perfect for summer nights, sitting up late in your glowing garden.

To give your garden a more cemetery style feeling, plant these White Foxgloves. This might suggest funeral church bells.

This Silver Ghost Sea Holly Flower is eerie. I love how sharp and pale these flowers look.

The leaves on this Silver Dollar Plant look translucent. The moonlight shining through would make them glow. This would create a more serene place for the people of the dead.

If you're looking for more sweet smelling flowers, these Meadowsweet flowers would be perfect. Also, for those who live in dark and dreary areas, Meadowsweet flowers thrive under these conditions.

If you're looking for sharper edges for a more sinister garden, I suggest planting these Prairie Sage Wildflowers.

I love the shape of sunflowers, so these Carlina flowers are like their evil twin. The silvery pointy petals would look so fantastic in the middle of the night.

Not only are these white roses gorgeous, but the symbolism is perfect for a ghostly garden. Symbolically they represent remembrance for the dead.

When I see these white butterfly bushes it looks like they are leaning towards you. It's a little ominous.

Throatwort is a very unique shape. This would add a lot of texture that you might be missing in your garden.

These Snow in Summer flowers are for ground cover.

Have you seen anything like these Leontopodium Alpinum white flowers? They are otherworldly and alien.

These silver sagebrush flowers look so devilish. They look like they come up to your waist, so watch out for your ankles when walking through.

We need some shelter from the sun, so this Old Man's Beard tree is perfect. I love the sharp points hanging downward toward you.

I can see putting these crepe myrtles around the entrance of the garden. They look ghostly as they loom over you in the middle of the night.

We can't have our own creepy garden without a touch of blood. These white and red carnation flowers would add just a touch of color.

One more vegetable that would fit in with your haunted theme are these white ghost peppers.

Finish your garden off with glow-in-the-dark pebbles along the pathways - it would take thousands of them to really do it right though!

There are plenty of plant options to give your ghostly garden a haunting look. As summer is quickly approaching, I thoroughly enjoy wandering outside at night. Are there any other plants that you can see being a part of the garden? Tell me about it, I'd love to hear more suggestions.