Mademoiselle Bleues Gothic Art Dolls from Greece

If you haven't noticed yet, I've become a little obsessed with art dolls. It is just a craft I overlooked for a long time, but now I love them. These one of a kind Gothic Art Dolls by Mademoiselle Bleues on Etsy are incredible.

This beautiful Dark Ballerina Art Doll would be perfect for any home. I would put her on display in a place with the most foot traffic. She doesn't come with a stand, but I actually like the pose she's in, in the picture.

I really love the Princess Leigh Cheri Art Doll. Her style is elegant and forlorn. To me, she looks like a woman at a gravestone waiting for her long lost love.

What a unique design for this Lady Vampire Art Doll. I love her pursed red lips and the little canines sticking out. Not only that, but the bow in her hair is really cool too! The stand that comes with her is perfect so she can rise proudly on display.

Instead of having a clay art doll, there are soft sculpture art dolls that are quite interesting. The Dulcinia Art Doll is a mishmash of many cultures. Her headwrap, skirt, and blouse are all gorgeous and she looks so humble.

Here is another great soft sculpture art doll. Midsummer Night's Dream Lady reminds me of a character from the movie Mirror Mask. I would really love to get this doll and set her in my living room, but I would be afraid of breaking her!

This Lolita Vampire Soft Doll is super cute. I would recommend this doll for any gothic lolita out there. Her childish features really set her apart from any vampire doll I've ever seen. Unlike the other four above, this doll is made from fabric. If you have kids, this would be the safest option for an art doll.

This is another adorable vampire fabric dolly! This Fabric Gothic Vampire Dolly is perfect for those who enjoy traditional vampire features. She has little teeth sticking out from her mouth and long legs that remind me of a spider. In fact, the lacy head piece has some spidery characteristics.

All these art dolls have such amazing personalities! Perfect for all of us creepy collectors! Take a look at these stunning Gothic Art Dolls by Mademoiselle Bleues on Etsy. They are all exclusive, so don't worry about someone having a doll identical to yours. What do you guys think?