Plush Toys from Alice Through the Looking Glass

Clearly I am just a hair excited about this new Alice Through the Looking Glass movie. I swear these are the last pieces of ATTLG merchandise I will show you guys! I couldn't help myself because their expressions are priceless. Some of them look half asleep or half dead. The most surprising part about this line of plush dolls is there is no Alice! That's okay because all the other favorites and villains are there. Take a look at these Alice Through the Looking Glass plush dolls on Amazon. These are great gift ideas for the wee goths!

My favorite devious character, The Cheshire Cat is still grinning maliciously. In Through the Looking Glass he is a kitten, so maybe we find out why he is so mischievous. I can't wait to hear his backstory. Honestly, I think he was born with that sinister grin, don't you?

As much as I love the Mad Hatter, I feel like this plush did him an injustice. Where's the fear in his eye? Or his madness? Frankly, he looks calm and moderately happy. I think even the word "worrisome" is a bit of a stretch for his expression. I do like the eye makeup. The more chaotic his color scheme, the crazier he may be.

This White Rabbit plush is supposed to represent him when he was a baby. As it turns out, he was born with a watch in his hand! At least that's what it looks like. Talk about nurturing your children's obsessive behavior.

As any evil and villainous queen should, this Queen of Hearts plush has nailed the resting bitch face. There is absolutely no air of amusement! Out of all the dolls, the Queen of Hearts is the one I would cuddle the most.

I actually love the expression on the Time plush doll. It's a little arrogant, apathetic, and maybe even shows a touch of exhaustion? Being the embodiment of time I imagine would be tiring. Not only that, you're pretty much on the level of gods. He would go well as a pair with the Red Queen.

If you're looking for little wee goth gifts, this may be the route to go. These Alice Through the Looking Glass plush dolls are cuddly, soft, and dark! How do you guys feel about this line of plush dolls? I think I prefer them just because each one has so much character. Comment down below!