The Dark Dolls and Creepy Figurines of Roseanne M. Watson

I have been trying to see how far I can go down this doll rabbit hole. Here's the place to look if you're trying to find sinister and devious dolls. I love creepy stuff, but some of these dolls are just too freaky for my personal taste. These dolls by Roseanne M. Watson on Etsy are unsettling. Even so, they are artistic masterpieces and one of a kind. Each of them comes hand painted, hand sewn, and hand sculpted. Come take a look - you won't be disappointed.

The stunning Stella doll is a great representation from Anne Rice's Mayfair Witches trilogy. All of the elements of the roaring twenties are there! Of course, this doll would not be complete without her head wound.

This is another witch from the Mayfair family, Rowan. This Rowan doll is what I imagine her to look like. She is a great character and one of the stronger witches in the family!

"Poor Deirdre." Is all I think when I think of this character. This Deirdre Mayfair doll really shows the end result of poor Deirdre. I always get chills down my spine when I think of shock treatments. Deirdre is the biological mother of Rowan.

All three dolls are actually a part of a huge 14 piece set. They come in a large trunk and feature all the Mayfair witches from the Anne Rice novel.

I have to get this over with. This scary clown doll just creeps me out. This is straight from the artists imagination, so totally one of a kind. If you're into that kind of thing.

This earthbound Cordelia doll is beautifully haunting. I am impressed that she is painted to look like she is centuries old. There is movement in this figure as she moves her dress.

I feel like this Night Visitor doll is looking through my soul. She is incredibly eerie, but brilliant at the same time. Her Victorian style dress is flawless. If her eyes weren't so ominous I would probably say this is my favorite doll.

What do you guys think of these spooky dolls by Roseanne M. Watson on Etsy? Clearly the clown doll is too much for me, but I know someone out there would appreciate him in all his horrifying glory. Comment down below and let me know what you think!


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