Uniquely Hilarious Satanic Plushies from My Little Baphomet on Etsy

Never in my life would I have thought of making something like these. How clever and creative! Any black magic practitioners out there? These plushies by from My Little Baphomet on Etsy are awesome. It's possible you will find your power demon here! There are many things I need to show you guys, so I'm going to just dive right in.

What an awesome resemblance! This is just the beginning, guys. The Aleister Crowley doll even comes with a little Satanic Bible. Aleister Crowley is said to be the wickedest man in the world. He is the founder of Thelema and claimed to be the Great Beast 666.

After doing some quick research, this demon Stolas Goetia doll is rather interesting. For a Prince he's a little less known. He is mentioned originally in the Ars Goetia book. Prince Stolas is a teacher of astronomy and herbalism. His depiction as an owl comes from "Dictionnaire Infernal." I love how the plush has the sigil around his neck. For a demon, Stolas is pretty adorable.

The demon Buer - Goetia doll is a little more popular. Buer is a President in hell who rules over 50 armies. He is most known for teaching moral and natural philosophy. What an interesting figure! Apparently he has 5 legs so he can quickly walk to any direction. On the plush, his sigil is stitched on the bottom.

I actually really like this evil fiend. The Furfur doll is a mix of man and stag. Plus he has a bat wing. He's a compulsive liar unless you can get him into a magic triangle - then it's the opposite! I really enjoy the fact that he is the cause of the love a man and woman share, and also of thunderstorms! So much diversity!

You can get your own little unique Baphomet! The Grey Faux Baphomet looks pretty wise! He looks so soft and cuddly... I'm not even a practitioner, but these are so amazing.

The colors on this Ginger Baphomet plushie are stunning. With this guy, you can proudly display your loyalty to the Devil! Or if you want to keep it traditional, pagan pride! Poor Baphomet... his symbolism has changed so much through the ages.

The Albino plush Baphomet clearly has a fiery attitude. Even his stature looks incredibly egotistical. He's just out there with no shame!

There are many dark and sinister themed items from My Little Baphomet on Etsy. Seriously, check it out. Some of them are hysterical, but honest! If I had to pick one for myself, I would get the bright orange Baphomet or even Furfur, because I like what he represents. I think I know a few people that would get a kick out of getting any of these as a gift. Which one do you like? I didn't realize how many demons there were! Maybe she'll come out with more.