Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gothic Fantasy and Dark Fairy Tale Adult Coloring Books

Ok, so all coloring books are already black and white. But this Grayscale fairy coloring book just lends itself more to gothic coloring inspiration. I'd use a lot of burgundy and garnet tones to color this, myself. The artwork is by Selina Fenech.

She's also the artist behind the new Gothic Dark Fantasy adult coloring book that just came out back in March. Gorgeous! Take a peek inside:

I'd love to color that witch!

Here's a dark Grimm's Fairy Tales coloring book by multiple artists. It's from Zenoscope Publishing and features 46 pages of seasonally themed artwork (whatever that means).

The same publisher is also responsible for putting the adult back in adult coloring books, with this saucy Grimm Fairy Tales coloring book.

Here's an Alice adult coloring book that's a bit naughty, too.

Enjoy long leisurely summer evenings, perhaps coloring in front of a nice refreshing air conditioner?

Monday, June 27, 2016

Four New Books About the Dark Side of Disney

Let's be honest, without a dark side, there is no story to tell! These villainous characters have their place and are quite important. Some could even argue that some princesses or princes may not even exist without the villain. I know some of the most memorable antagonists are from the Disney franchise and I love them all! These books coming out this year are great for Disney Villain admirers.

I think I'm the most excited about Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil which comes out on July 12th (so close!) It shows all sorts of concept art of the villains. Could you imagine Maleficent looking totally different? It would be so interesting to see how they created every devious character and why.

I really thought that this adult coloring book phase would have become deceased by now, but I was wrong! The funny part is, these books, though dark, are actually relaxing. The Art of Coloring: Disney Villains really calls out to me. It would be fun to make Cruella de Vil more evil looking than she already is. This coloring book comes out on August 16.

It's really exciting to know there will be more spooky stories on my shelf! This book comes out really soon, July 19th. The first volume of Tales from the Haunted Mansion: The Fearsome Foursome tells a story of one of the many ghosts of Disney's Haunted Mansion. The best part is that there are eerie illustrations that go along with the stories.

For the comic geeks out there, they are also coming out with the first volume of Haunted Mansion. This graphic novel by Marvel tells the story of Danny, who gets trapped in the spooky haunted mansion. He meets all the 999 ghosts and maybe the 1000th! All he wants to do it leave that godforsaken place. I like the idea of this Disney attraction having it's own story to go along with it. This comes out in September!

I know I'm not alone as I cheer on for my favorite villain in Disney movies (I'm so evil!) Take a peek at each of these new books coming out this summer! Which one are you the most thrilled about? Comment down below!

Goth Shop of the Week: Wicked House Merchantile

Since summer solstice just passed I've been going back to my witchy roots. I took my tarot cards out and did a few readings, and did a little cleansing. Of course during this process I lit a bunch of candles. I have a bit of a candle obsession so I always need to buy more. The Wicked House Merchantile on Etsy is a great place to find all your magical needs. They have beautiful ritual tools and eerie candle holders that are great for everyone. Take a look!

This Victorian Skull Candleholder is so hauntingly elegant. The vintage art is absolutely stunning, but I think the best part is that it tells a really dark story. It's almost as if death is looming over the two people sitting at the table!

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a off and on practitioner and can be quite lazy. I was pretty excited to see this Witches Apothecary Herb Book Box. It's a clever idea that I never really thought about doing!

I am absolutely in love with this Elemental Incense Collection. I've always wanted something like this in my house, especially when I practiced more religiously!

When lighting this Moans of Death candle holder it looks so ominous. The vintage artwork just enhances how creepy this candle holder is. I would have never imagined a skeleton looking like it was in pain, but this proved that anything can happen!

If you're like me, this set of Grave Digger candles would be great to have around the house all the time. I am in love with the cemetery candle holder, especially when lit!

Another great little kit is this Love Simmering Spell Pot. There are other awesome kits for other purposes like prosperity or magickal power too!

This is a very pretty candle holder. I like the fact that this Hooka Dreams holder from the The Parchment Collection comes with a color changing candle. The illustration is amazing!

Even if you don't use these or perform rituals, these Goddess athame are stunning. The carvings of the goddesses are incredibly elegant. It would be awesome to display these somewhere!

Even if you're not into Wicca, the Wicked House Merchantile on Etsy has a lot to offer. It has some of the most amazing candle holders I've ever seen. The art is dark and mysterious, exactly how I like it! Take a look at the store and tell me what some of your favorite items are!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Odd Dark Shoes from Hot Chocolate Design

I don't know about you, but sometimes the best thing you can do to spoil yourself is getting a great pair of shoes. I've been looking for some darker and expressive flats for a long time and I think I've finally found it. Hot Chocolate Design on Amazon has so many deliciously wicked shoes that are perfect for ladies like us!

I instantly thought of Silent Hill when I saw these Horror Lolita shoes. Normally I wouldn't like bright colors, but I can't help but love the vivid blood stains all over it! Plus the one eyed nurse looks so mischievous.

The beautiful grey, white, and black stripes on these Eternal Love flats are so cute. Plus, the red Victorian ornament brings it all together. Does the male skeleton look like he's smirking to you?

This Frank's Bride Mary Jane platform is hysterical. I wonder who took what first! I bet you it was Frankenstein, that's why she had to take the bolt out of his neck! This is a great shoe for all horror lovers.

I'm a sucker for polka dots, I hate to say it. I'm not sure how I feel about the dominatrix on this Petunia shoes. I do love that it looks like it was lined with black lace. These are some sassy shoes for a sassy lady.

Black and white is always perfect for me! These Simonette flats are gorgeous with the cross and lady silhouette feature. Plus the hounds-tooth pattern goes well with the lacy Victorian look. It's classy and edgy.

If I felt the need to camouflage with society but sneak my inner creep, these Flora La Muerte mary jane flats are great. You almost can't even see the cackling skull! These are very artistic. I would put the design on my walls!

Got a sweet tooth? Take a look at these Candy Skull shoes! The dichotomy between candy and chocolate is really cute on the skulls!

I'm actually quite amazed with how many styles and prints Hot Chocolate Design has on Amazon. Which one do you like the most? I think I enjoy the Simonette flats the most. Comment below!

Goth Shop of the Week: Hysteria Machine

This week I am going to show you some amazing women's accessories. These stunning pieces will make you feel like a Goddess of the Underworld. Check out Hysteria Machine on Etsy. There is a huge array of items that would make great gifts or just a fantastic addition to an already glamorous outfit.

I was floored by this photo of the golden triple skull headdress. It looks like a painting. She almost looks like an Aztec priestess in a few of those photos. If you're looking for the ultimate Queen of the Damned headdress, this is the one! What do you think? I wish I could get this for myself, I just don't know where I would wear it.

This is a less elaborate headdress, but still gorgeous. I think I could find a way to wear these Maleficent horns. I love the black lace that contours over their heads. I also think that the jewel is a great touch.

I think that this cat blind mask is truly stunning. The best part is that you can choose whether or not it is all blind or has the illusion of being one hundred percent blind. The cat mask looks like an ancient relic!

These tentacle sucker headbands are a bit different than most of the store. They're oddly adorable and creepy at the same time. These are a dedication to the great Cthulhu, may you always possess one of his mighty tentacles.

Any Queen of the Damned needs to have a set like this bone lace set. The lacy flowers are very elegant and look like something royalty would wear. The skull embellishments give it an ominous feeling, like death is lingering.

This is another chestpiece that is fit for a queen. This gold and emerald chest piece definitely something I would imagine finding in a crypt. The medallion hanging below the skull almost has a creepy pirate vibe.

If you're like me, then you would be better off getting something a little simpler, like these rat skull earrings. These animal skulls are going to enhance your already macabre outfits. I love the black markings that look like the skull is cracking.

This is a ring that David Bowie (sniff...) would be proud of. The Mute door knocker ring is a unique way to pay homage to the Goblin King. I wish they had Deaf also to match Mute!

I would definitely take a peek at more Hysteria Machine on Etsy. Just the pictures are worth looking at. If you could get any of these items, what would it be? I definitely would get the first item, but I would have to place it in a glass case.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tim Burton Movie Themed Candles

It's never too hot to light candles, especially Tim Burton themed candles. Would you really want to light them though? That is a legitimately tough question! I'm super ecstatic that I found these Tim Burton candles on Etsy! These are great for decorating your house all year round.

We all know that the Jack and Sally candles are a must have. I don't think I could bear the thought of watching Sally's face melt into oblivion. I think these would be so great to have at a goth wedding! Jack as the groom and Sally as the bride, one of the best couples to truly live(ish).

I suppose I would feel okay with lighting an Oogie Boogie candle. Fire is one way of getting rid of the mischievous Mr. Boogie rather than taking him apart thread by thread.

I love this Lock, Shock and Barrel candle set. This devious trio would look perfect above my fireplace. That way they could give me some dim lighting for my very suspenseful books. I love ominous lighting while reading a good horror novel!

This would be another great couple for a wedding: Corpse Bride candles! Nothing is more romantic than being willing to die for your partner. Especially when she is already dead!

I may need to have these Coraline candles in my life, because it would honor two of my favorite people. Clearly Tim Burton is wonderful, but I love Neil Gaiman. I love reading this book to some of my nieces from time to time. It's a fun, dark, adventure!

Any Tim Burton lover out there would love these Tim Burton candles on Etsy. They're fun, memorable, and great for gifts! Which Tim Burton movie is your favorite? I'd love to hear about it. Mine is clearly Nightmare Before Christmas.

Morbid Bowler Purses from Sourpuss

This summer I am going to be traveling quite a bit. No haunted mansions or abandoned castles, but I'll be visiting other friends who enjoy the same eerie stuff as me. I unfortunately missed out on my opportunity to see The Cure this year! Maybe there will be a show or two my friends will have in mind to make up for it.

One thing I always neglect to think about is having a decent purse for traveling. I don't want a petite clutch for large amounts of traveling. That's when I found these wicked bowler purses from Sourpuss on Amazon. These are large enough to keep a book and other abominable items on me at all times.

Honestly, this Strange Girls bowler purse is too perfect. Not only do I appreciate the retro art, but the caption "see the two headed... and her strange girls" is something I can appreciate. Admittedly, I am surrounded by some ghastly and strange women, whom I love dearly. I laughed when I saw "drinks like a fish, curses like a sailor" since that applies to me as well. I think it works for summer since there is that strange mer-lobster-lady on the front!

I have a cousin who was a tattoo apprentice and I really wish she was still doing it, because this bag is awesome! For all tattoo lovers, this is clearly a bag you may want to consider getting. The dark humor, such as "tattoos hurt... tipping doesn't" make this Sailor's Ruin bowler bag that much better. I think the skull crunching on the heart and crossbones gives it quite the edge. The vibe it gives off is more of a hard ass, which you have to be as a tattoo artist.

It's so hard to pick which one is my favorite, because this Memento Mori bowler purse is delightfully ominous. I can really see and feel the impending doom this bag is trying to portray. Even though these are matryoshka dolls on the front, the fact that they used three really reminds me of The Fates in Greek mythology. There is no better and creepier way of counting down the time of your death than with an hourglass.

If I had a lady friend who was a mortician, I would buy this Workin Stiffs bowler bag right now. "Workin' Stiffs" is still making me giggle - it has been at least 5 minutes. It's perfect for all admirers of death and science. Only morbid minds with a sense of humor are going to enjoy this purse.

For travel or everyday, I do recommend this style of purse. Mostly because they are large enough to store all your dark essential supplies. Not only that, but these bowler purses are hilarious, and macabre. Take a look at more bowler purses from Sourpuss on Amazon. Comment down below and tell me which one you would proudly wear.

New Outfits from Kreepsville 666 for Summer

I know most of us are going to be waiting until we can go outside during the evening when the heat isn't too intense. A lot of us are going to dress casually rather than the typical elaborate underworld goddess wear I normally post (It's just so pretty!)

These new outfits by Kreepsville 666 on Amazon are casual enough for all summer activities. They all have classic horror goth prints that we can all enjoy

Don't you love that gooey green color for this Night of The Living Dead tank dress? It's the best zombie color! It definitely works for the cover picture from the movie.

I actually had to double take when I saw this The Dark Coffin maxi dress. Elvira's legs where your legs are supposed to be just freaks me out. I am torn because Elvira isn't the same without those long, spidery, gorgeous legs!

If you're looking for a casual dress without a giant print, then this Elvira Mistress Of The Dark pencil dress is a great option. I like how it sits a little below your shoulders. The mysterious and dark allure would be awesome for a nightclub.

I know a few ladies who would love to get this Serial Killer pink flare dress. If you go somewhere with ultraviolet light, those bright pink highlights are going to pop. Especially the skull, which would look really creepy! This dress has a lot of attitude.

I could wear this web skater skirt with anything. It's simple and edgy, but it looks really comfortable. I want to know where to find fishnets like the ones in the picture. I love the extra webbing!

I'll be honest, I don't have enough Vampira sleeveless tees. I love her chic and seductive style. I can already hear her blood curdling scream!

I am in love with this Vampira cocktail tee. With this I can display my pride in cocktails and a macabre classic. I have to admit that I really like this vintage cartoon style, it takes me back!

It's raining blood, hallelujah, on this Vampira shoulder top! Plus you could wear that web skater skirt and spook up your outfit a little more.

I know I would wear this Elvira over-sized slouch tee all the time. It's comfortable and edgy enough to look pretty punk. Her eyes are so alluring on this print!

Rock your living dead girl love with this Rot N Rule shoulder tee. This isn't a design that I particularly enjoy, but I do like the zombie girl.

Keep it casual this summer with new outfits by Kreepsville 666 on Amazon. There are lots of prints of classic goth characters or rockabilly themes. Plus the cuts of the dresses, shirts, and skirts are edgy and obscure. Do you like any of these clothing items? Comment below!