A New Hilarious Edward Gorey Parody Book - Hurts Like a Mother

There can never be enough morbid and funny books on your shelf. Hurts Like a Mother: A Cautionary Alphabet is so honest, it's painfully hysterical.

This book is a parody of Edward Gorey's Gashlycrumb Tinies which was already humorous in itself. Hurts Like a Mother is a book that visually describes a mother's suffering in a hilarious manner. The artwork is very similar to Edward Gorey's along with the ghastly writing style. Here's a clip of Florence Henderson doing a reading, just so you can get a taste.

This books takes advantage of those tragic moments where you feel like you will never survive and makes you laugh at them. Everyone is pretty grim at heart - we're just the one's that don't mind showing it off! Take a look at the official Hurts Like A Mother website for more details about the book.

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