Amy Coe's Skull and Pirate Outfits for Baby Boys

These evil outlaws of the sea are a great starting point for any brainwashing you might be tempted to do. Kids love pirates, with good reason! Who knew you could have so much fun being so heinous? Pirates are also destructive, just like kids. There's no better way to introduce some darker elements to the kids than pirate wear by Amy Coe.

This is the most adorable and sneaky way of introducing "the dark side". The skull pirate coverall has all the elements of being a pirate, but is still precious. The pirate octopus is really awesome - he's holding a saber.

I am in love with this skull coverall. The contrast between the white stitching and black reminds me of a rag doll. Did you see the back where it says "Coolest baby ever"? I wish I had a baby I could make into the coolest baby ever! They just grow up so fast.

The skull on this skull and arrow pant set is identical to the one above! All the designs on the pants are very cool. This is great for goths and punk parents alike!

It's true that rebels do rule! This Rebels Rule 2 piece short set is great for the sunny hot days that will be coming up. The pirate map on the shorts is adorable.

I honestly think that this pirate ship 2 piece pant set is great for boys and girls. The skeleton pirate at least has an element of death on it. This looks like a pajama set with the ship flying up in the sky and star pants.

I know some of us will need to go outside and cool off in a nearby pool. Your little one would look like a bad ass in these pirate skull swim shorts. Might as well look awesome if we have to go outside in the sun.

It's never too early to expose the little ones to the darkness. Pirates and skulls are an easy way of doing that! Take a peek at pirate wear by Amy Coe. Are there other baby clothes that you would recommend to goth parents? Comment down below.