Cheerfully Macabre Bedding from Skull Bedding Shop

Why am I even thinking about comforters during the summer? One reason is that it has been so cold over here! I am definitely not complaining, because I love the cool and dark weather. The best part is that I can still curl up into my blankets and watch the dreary day go by. You can never have too many comforters! If you haven't gotten your macabre bedding set yet, Skull Bedding Designs on Etsy is a great place to start.

My favorite out of all of the skull bedding is this black sugar skull comforter. Clearly, keeping it black and white is preferable in my world. Of course, for the goth aspect, but also it would coordinate with any bedroom. I like the Victorian shapes that make up the shape of the skull. It's elegant and eerie at the same time!

I can appreciate the simplistic bad ass features of this paint splatter skull comforter. Instead of paint, I can see this representing blood, even better! It almost looks like something from The Punisher comic. This isn't exactly my style of skull or bedding, but it's still pretty cool.

Sometimes it's okay to have an abundance of color in your life. As long as it makes up a spooky image, right? The bohemian skull bedding is super vibrant, but more in the El Día de Muertos kind of way. I'm always fond of celebrating the dead, how about you? I would have to use this as a stray comforter for the couch rather than a bed, mostly because I don't have any rooms that this would go with.

Speaking of Day of the Dead, this Muertos skull comforter is pretty awesome. Someday, I would love to celebrate the holiday in Mexico and paint my face like this. As far as the bedding goes, this would even creep me out. Having eyes leering at you as you sleep isn't what I would call a pleasant experience. Unless you're into that kind of thing!

I am not much of a sailor, but there are plenty of goth ladies who would love this pirate skull comforter. The colors are perfect. It looks like jewels from a treasure chest were used to decorate the blanket. Let's hope that's not the case, because that would be uncomfortable to crawl into.

This is a traditional sugar skull comforter design. Since it is a black and beige comforter it will match everything. Instead of the Victorian style you can have the traditional Mexican sugar skull design! For being a little creepy, it is quite chic.

I know this is super cutesy, maybe a little too much, but I thought that this pink preppy skull comforter is great for wee goths. Admittedly, I know plenty of adults who would love this comforter, mostly as a couch lounging blanket.

I don't know about you, but I'm not ready for the sun. I just want to burrow in my blankets all day then party in the middle of the night. What do you think of these comforters by Skull Bedding Designs on Etsy? Are these skulls sinister enough for you? Tell me about it in the comments section down below.