Disturbing Fine Art Photographs from Madrigallery

Typically when I find art, it's mostly paintings or sculptures. Lately I've been finding a lot of doll-related art. I realized I haven't even touched on photography. I was delighted to discover these haunting artistic photographs by Madrigallery.

I had an instant connection with this "Madame Orifices" photograph. I assure you, not for the name. She is the one I find the most disturbing. I think it's because it reminds me of Pyramid Head from Silent Hill? When you see the dichotomy between the top darker half and light delicate half, it feels a little off-putting. Clearly this photo does its job.

This interpretation of the Greek Fates is absolutely amazing. "The Unfortunate Fates" portrait does a fantastic job making vibrant and "happy" colors look incredibly sinister. Each fate has a different standing position and their faces without expression still emit different emotions. Do you notice how each one is gripping the "thread"? The thread is also woven into their outfits.

Does anyone else find that this "Zeusipher" portrait makes them feel uneasy? I honestly can't explain exactly what it is. I thought the white lace and faux fur on his outfit was a really unique choice. It's almost as if he is taking their innocence.

I have never seen anything so evil look so elegant. This "Carmina Piranha" is glorious utilizing all of the deep reds and blacks. You can definitely see the piranha as their teeth are horrifying.

Did anyone have that relative, usually an aunt, who would just show too much affection toward you? I swear to god they all have the trippy eyes from this "Fannie" photo. This portrait reminds me of a distant relative that would always want to see me and would just creep me out as a kid. The fan that they are holding is cool though.

I've never seen anything like this "Szechuanda, The Beast From The East" photograph. It's like a mixture of both creature and ghost. Szechuanda looks like it can teleport, at least that's how I feel. The haziness that surrounds her looks is like the remnants of her powers!

I was having a hard time not finding the names of these portraits pretty entertaining. Szechuanda in particular is a quirky name. What do you guys think of these artistic photographs by Madrigallery on Etsy? Are any of them as thought provoking to you as they are to me? Leave a comment below!