Folter's New Beautifully Creepy Dresses for Summer

As much as I would love to avoid direct sunlight, there are times where I am going to have to suck it up. Unfortunately society hasn't developed an appreciation for the creatures of the night quite yet. If I am about to go out and about I want to at least look gorgeous and a bit haunting at the same time. These new dresses by Folter are creepy and delightful. They are perfect for summertime and can even be worn all year around if you add a sweater, scarf or leggings to your ensemble.

I don't know why, but I was thinking that the Ouija Board dress is subtly asking "Can you read me?" I personally wouldn't mind advertising Satan's tool! For someone who actually knows what the Ouija Board is, I think it's a great design. I just don't think a lot of people will catch on to what it really is. I love the dress cut also.

I admit it, it took a while for me to even notice the scene in this cemetery dress. I originally looked at it because the colors are gloomy and dark. Once I saw that it was an actual graveyard I was even more tempted. With the picture overlapping on itself the tree branches look like spider webs. I think it's a really cool effect.

Can you imagine a witch wearing a dress like this bat cave dress? The way the bats become more and more scarce as they fly up is really artistic. Plus the spaghetti straps are always a bonus when wandering in the scorching sun.

I know some of you really enjoy summer. I do, but only in small bursts. Otherwise I really prefer the darkness or gloomy days. In order to survive, we need to wear lighter dresses instead of heavy trench coats. Take a look at these dresses by Folter on Amazon. They're the newest styles, but there are plenty more you can check out! Let me know what you find in the comments section down below! I always have to keep in mind that I can wear some of these after summer as well.