Four New Books About the Dark Side of Disney

Let's be honest, without a dark side, there is no story to tell! These villainous characters have their place and are quite important. Some could even argue that some princesses or princes may not even exist without the villain. I know some of the most memorable antagonists are from the Disney franchise and I love them all! These books coming out this year are great for Disney Villain admirers.

I think I'm the most excited about Disney Villains: Delightfully Evil which comes out on July 12th (so close!) It shows all sorts of concept art of the villains. Could you imagine Maleficent looking totally different? It would be so interesting to see how they created every devious character and why.

I really thought that this adult coloring book phase would have become deceased by now, but I was wrong! The funny part is, these books, though dark, are actually relaxing. The Art of Coloring: Disney Villains really calls out to me. It would be fun to make Cruella de Vil more evil looking than she already is. This coloring book comes out on August 16.

It's really exciting to know there will be more spooky stories on my shelf! This book comes out really soon, July 19th. The first volume of Tales from the Haunted Mansion: The Fearsome Foursome tells a story of one of the many ghosts of Disney's Haunted Mansion. The best part is that there are eerie illustrations that go along with the stories.

For the comic geeks out there, they are also coming out with the first volume of Haunted Mansion. This graphic novel by Marvel tells the story of Danny, who gets trapped in the spooky haunted mansion. He meets all the 999 ghosts and maybe the 1000th! All he wants to do it leave that godforsaken place. I like the idea of this Disney attraction having it's own story to go along with it. This comes out in September!

I know I'm not alone as I cheer on for my favorite villain in Disney movies (I'm so evil!) Take a peek at each of these new books coming out this summer! Which one are you the most thrilled about? Comment down below!