Funko's Cute and Funky Alice in Wonderland Dorbz Figures

I am trying to keep a lid on my Funko collection and really limit it to ones I really love. I only have so much storage space around here. But now I've stumbled across their cute Dorbz figures based on the Tim Burton directed and/or produced "Alice" movies for Disney. I might have to snatch up a few!

Funko Dorbz Alice in Wonderland

Funko Dorbz Iracebeth

Funko Dorbz Mad Hatter

Funko Dorbz Cheshire Cat

There's also a cool limited edition "Chase Figure" black-and-white Alice:

Funko Alice Black and White Chase Figure

Also, Funko is premiering these limited edition Alice Through the Looking Glass Dorbz collectibles at the 2016 San Diego Comic Con.