Ghastly Zombie Princess Dolls

It may seem like it, but there just are not enough zombie dolls out there. I've been waiting for a new eerie world that counters Disney for a long time. Grimm's fairy tales are definitely darker, but I've been searching for a more undead look. These sinister dolls are dying to make their appearance. Check out these zombie princess dolls on Amazon!

Since I've been on an Alice kick, I figured I should show this Zombie Alice doll first. Wonderland needs to go further down the rabbit hole to a place even wilder and darker than it already is. I think her ragged hair and dress really add to the zombie Wonderland!

I got so excited when I saw this zombie Cinderella doll. Who would have thought you could still be glamorous even when you're dead? Unfortunately her makeup looks like she just has a black tear falling from her cheek. I'm all for dark makeup, but I want it to look a little more zombie-esque.

Sleeping Beauty woke up, but in a different way than we had imagined! The Sleeping Beauty zombie princess is another oddly elegant doll. I prefer her stitching all over her face to the tears of Cinderella. In fact, I feel that Malificent is going to have to watch out for this zombie princess.

This zombie Rapunzel princess was in her tower too long. I love her makeup, but she needs to look more like a zombie, not The Crow! Don't you guys think she should have like silvery hair? I think that would add some realistic undead characteristics. I know these are for children, but I'm not asking for a demonic looking doll!

I have to say that this zombie mermaid princess doll is my favorite. The blue colors on her lips really bring out her zombie qualities. The contrasting pink and purple colors kind of add to the whole undead effect. Not only that, her expression seems to be the creepiest out of all the dolls. She's just leering into your soul! I'm waiting for her to blink.

The zombie Snow White princess is a close second. I wish I could find a skirt like hers! I think it would be so cool to have that black lace over another color. It looks like a huge spider web. This princess looks like that poison apple really did her in! Maybe it's for the better, because she is absolutely gorgeous.

I really think that this Belle zombie princess is stunning. She looks like the queen of the undead! Even though her outfit is almost too bright, I feel like it fits her whole ensemble. It's a bit tough to distinguish her as the zombie version of Belle, but it's a valiant effort! Can you imagine what a zombie Beast might look like? I wonder if they will ever do zombie princes.

Don't you think these would make great gift for the wee girl goths? I would also have no problem buying one for myself as I am clearly having a doll obsession lately. Which princess is your favorite? I know there are a few princesses that aren't listed! Tell me what you think about these zombie princess dolls on Amazon in the comments section.