Goth Shop of the Week: Dark Decors

It's time to put pull the blinds down, sit in my dark house, and share my chilling environment with friends who aren't so privileged. It's also an excuse to have late night gatherings, as the sun is still shining at 8 pm. To create my dreary scene, I need to change my home decor, at least for summertime. These decorations by Dark Decors makes that task incredibly easy.

I would love to have a Tim Burton themed party this year. If that's the case then these champagne flutes need to be on my table. The swirls look like they are about to engulf the glass. I do like the idea of these being for a bride and groom at a wedding too!

I really enjoy the idea of placing one of these mini chalkboards in my kitchen. You could write spooky messages to each other or write up an eerie menu. The bat winged hearts is what makes these "creepier."

I was about to pass on these until I saw that these were more than just a raven print. The raven napkin also has a print of what looks like a falling feather. I love how they set their table up in the picture!

Since I am going for a more Tim Burton themed party, these frosted striped tea votives would work perfectly for around the house. I would place them in long hallways or fairly unused rooms to give my house a more haunted aura.

These pentacle charm apothecary bottles are simple but effective. I can see myself using this as a way to serve people their beverages. If I used them for a blood red wine, it almost looks like a health potion from Diablo.

It doesn't have to be the summer season to use this tiered plate stand. I just have to have it for all occasions all year round. Can you see the creepy little eyes looking up at you on the bottom plate? This is so Nightmare Before Christmas, I must have it!

This gothic light switch is pretty cool. Obviously I love the Victorian designs and the little spiders embedded in it. The best part is the blood splatters on it! How about a murder mystery party?

If I can find any excuse to stay away from the sun, I will! This is why having an indoor Tim Burton party or even a late night get together is necessary. You can't have a gathering without some ominous decor.

What do you think of Dark Decors on Etsy? Not only will it make party decorating a breeze, but if you're looking for a change to your house, why not something like this? Comment below and tell me what you think.