Goth Shop of the Week: Subverse

I don't think there are any words for how awesome these steampunk items are. If I bought something like this I would instantly feel like we lived in a steampunk world. One thing I wish that I learned was how to do was leather-working! When I saw the leather hats by Subverse I got so excited! Aside from illustrations or photography, have you guys seen leather gear like this?

I love the exaggerated brim on this apocalyptic vented leather western hat. The design on the sides reminds me of Alien! It's a little eerie, like H. R. Giger's artwork.

This looks like it could set the stage for a creepy circus scene. The stripes on the tall oxblood leather top hat remind me of something a ringmaster would wear. The gem in the center looks like it would bring some dark magic to the table.

I'm really astounded by the elegance of this mandala top hat. I just don't know how they can sew those tiny details on there. I would proudly wear this out with a gorgeous black dress.

How cool would it be to walk around wearing this dragon scale black leather pocket cuff? Not only is this awesome for things like a Renaissance fair, but it would be handy for every day. There's space for small items or extra cash.

Every citizen in a steampunk world would make use of a phoenix hip bag. I love the fantasy element, but it's very useful. I love how edgy it looks - it's a showstopper.

I know the symbol is just the symbol for the Subverse Etsy store, but I find it awfully interesting. It looks like an upside down cross. It's a tad sinister, especially on this leather choker.

Trying a new gunslinger look? If you're a fan of Stephen King's Dark Tower, you'd probably appreciate this leather holster. You could wear this to store all sorts of items.

You have to check out Subverse on Etsy. There are all kinds of leather steampunk goodies! Check it out and let me know what you think.