Goth Shop of the Week: Wicked House Merchantile

Since summer solstice just passed I've been going back to my witchy roots. I took my tarot cards out and did a few readings, and did a little cleansing. Of course during this process I lit a bunch of candles. I have a bit of a candle obsession so I always need to buy more. The Wicked House Merchantile on Etsy is a great place to find all your magical needs. They have beautiful ritual tools and eerie candle holders that are great for everyone. Take a look!

This Victorian Skull Candleholder is so hauntingly elegant. The vintage art is absolutely stunning, but I think the best part is that it tells a really dark story. It's almost as if death is looming over the two people sitting at the table!

I have to admit, I'm a bit of a off and on practitioner and can be quite lazy. I was pretty excited to see this Witches Apothecary Herb Book Box. It's a clever idea that I never really thought about doing!

I am absolutely in love with this Elemental Incense Collection. I've always wanted something like this in my house, especially when I practiced more religiously!

When lighting this Moans of Death candle holder it looks so ominous. The vintage artwork just enhances how creepy this candle holder is. I would have never imagined a skeleton looking like it was in pain, but this proved that anything can happen!

If you're like me, this set of Grave Digger candles would be great to have around the house all the time. I am in love with the cemetery candle holder, especially when lit!

Another great little kit is this Love Simmering Spell Pot. There are other awesome kits for other purposes like prosperity or magickal power too!

This is a very pretty candle holder. I like the fact that this Hooka Dreams holder from the The Parchment Collection comes with a color changing candle. The illustration is amazing!

Even if you don't use these or perform rituals, these Goddess athame are stunning. The carvings of the goddesses are incredibly elegant. It would be awesome to display these somewhere!

Even if you're not into Wicca, the Wicked House Merchantile on Etsy has a lot to offer. It has some of the most amazing candle holders I've ever seen. The art is dark and mysterious, exactly how I like it! Take a look at the store and tell me what some of your favorite items are!