Gothic Fantasy and Dark Fairy Tale Adult Coloring Books

Ok, so all coloring books are already black and white. But this Grayscale fairy coloring book just lends itself more to gothic coloring inspiration. I'd use a lot of burgundy and garnet tones to color this, myself. The artwork is by Selina Fenech.

She's also the artist behind the new Gothic Dark Fantasy adult coloring book that just came out back in March. Gorgeous! Take a peek inside:

I'd love to color that witch!

Here's a dark Grimm's Fairy Tales coloring book by multiple artists. It's from Zenoscope Publishing and features 46 pages of seasonally themed artwork (whatever that means).

The same publisher is also responsible for putting the adult back in adult coloring books, with this saucy Grimm Fairy Tales coloring book.

Here's an Alice adult coloring book that's a bit naughty, too.

Enjoy long leisurely summer evenings, perhaps coloring in front of a nice refreshing air conditioner?


  1. Insane to think our folks grew up watching their shows, we do as well and now our children proceed with the convention. They truly put family esteems to color


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