Handcrafted Oddities from The Itinerant Bizarrium

I've been a little skeptical when it comes to Amazon's new handcrafted items section. I had a sudden urge to look through it and see if it was even worth my time browsing. Mostly I wanted to see if there are comparable artists similar to those selling on Etsy.

Turns out there are plenty of great craftsmen on Amazon too. I think the best part about finding The Itinerant Bizarrium is that I was trying to find new creepy paper dolls. They carry other strange things as well, check it out!

I have an odd connection to this Conjoined Twins Circus Art doll. Her eyes are a bit haunting, but she is incredibly elegant. I do love the flower that is in between both of them. When I watched American Horror Story: Freak Show I definitely loved Dot the most. Whenever I see conjoined twins, that's who I always think of.

Unlike above, I am a little scared of the Skull-Faced Halloween doll. He has the most evil looking grin. I'm also not a huge fan of creepy clowns, but I know plenty of people who would want to keep him up for display.

I don't think my Alice in Wonderland obsession is ever going to fade. This Queen of Hearts art doll is pretty spectacular. Her grimace makes me feel absolutely insignificant. Who would have thought that a doll could make me feel that way.

Now this Conjoined Twins paper doll kit is what I have been looking for. It's always good to keep these kinds of quirky things in your house in case one of your nieces or nephews becomes really interested in the dark side. Not only that, but I personally love to put them together.

It's important to have a Ring Master paper doll for your freak circus paper scene! These particular dolls are painted in a way to look really retro, which is very cool. I'm just amazed at how their eyes look very realistic, but eerie at the same time.

I love how many legs and arms this Circus Freak Burlesque paper doll. This paper doll could have four legs if you really wanted to. That's extraordinarily creepy! Another version of this doll would be if she had no arms or legs.

I thought it would be cool to treat yourself to a small little pin. This Green Girl Hat brooch is very small. I do enjoy how mystical her face is. Too bad there isn't a doll!

Another cool brooch is this Girl in an Embroidered Hat. I think it would be so cool if these pins were characters of the artists own freak show.

I think these oddities from The Itinerant Bizarrium on Amazon are pretty awesome. I always have a hard time finding really strange and creepy paper dolls, so I'm happy I found these! The art dolls are also absolutely gorgeous. How do you feel about these dolls? Tell me about it in the comments below!